Sunday, August 21, 2011


(From NCCS Comments)

"can some one show me how install this in a video"

Must not... respond... with profanity...

Hey Neko: you got the idea for that foot fetish blog ready yet? 'Cause this modding shit seriously isn't working out...


  1. It's a pity you probably wouldn't get away with providing them with a video of a large burly man with a mallet forcibly installing a hard drive somewhere... uncomfortable :)

  2. My first instinct was to reply with a simple "No", and then respectfully suggest s/he learn to read. Maybe throw in something about it opening the door to a world of imagination or some shit. I could also link a youtube episode of Reading Rainbow.

    But, I figured that would get me a strike for being anything other than accommodating and subservient to stupid people -- which as we all know is a strictly enforced Nexus policy.

  3. I saw that comment earlier, and I myself could not think of a reply that would have been safe to post. I was imagining how Nos was going to react once he read the comment, and it wasn't a pretty visual that I came up with...

    I don't understand why people request video instructions. The can obviously read well enough to be able to install and play the game, let alone be able to post their request. Now if someone had a legitimate learning disorder that made reading extremely difficult, then I could understand the request for visual instructions. If that was the case, the request should mention that fact.

    If the problem is with just not understanding how to install mods in the first place, there are places on the 'net that provide that information, including, obviously, the Nexus and f3Underground. *shakes head*

  4. I also briefly considered replying in a similarly Yoda fashion to the poster:

    Video to show installation procedure there isn't. Read and write coherently you should learn how to.

    But again with the banning...

  5. @Druuler:

    You know, I don't understand the recent fascination with video instructions either.

    I mean, if you're too stupid to drag and drop a couple files, and check an entry in the mod manager, you're probably too stupid to tie your fucking shoes, as well.

    ...Then again, there are a lot of people who go around town in sandals...

  6. And still wear socks while doing so...white ones even >.<

    If I remember correctly, this is the second request for video instructions on your companion mods since I started watching the threads for NCCS. And that has only been in the last three months or so.

  7. One possible explanation could be visual learners.
    I've known people who couldn't make heads nor tails of manuals or other written instructions but show them something once and they pick it up instantly (and leave you in the dust).

    Of course, another explanation is the increasing spread of video instruction and people too lazy to read.

  8. It's probably a good thing I've been at work all evening; I've been in the mood lately that I likely would have reminded this person that the manual is already full of pictures and that it really can't get any simpler than creating an NPC, picking a script and adding a faction and an AI package. I really don't get where these people are having such difficulties.

    As for starting up another blog, I'll need a day or two to get a pedicure and get the digital camera charged up. I've always wanted to have famous feet...