Saturday, August 20, 2011


So, I was cruising the Nexus this morning, picking up a copy of CaliberX -- because the NosCo Super Blackhawk is looking outstanding, and it has given me ideas for introducing some seriously evil weapons into the game (but more on that later) -- when I remembered complaining the other day about how bad navigating via my Shiloh DS-edited map was.

I have a very nice FO3 map; produced by a Russian gentleman I think it was -- it's modeled after a satellite photo, and reads almost exactly like a real LANSAT map would. Easier to navigate by, since you can actually discern roads, towns, the river, et cetera.

I had thought that the FNV map might have a similar overhaul.

I was wrong. They're all underdetailed, stylized pieces of shit. Why, you may ask? Because the base map is a stylized, underdetailed piece of shit; and all the replacements that I saw were simply colorized versions of the base map -- sometimes with extra icons and such added.

Seriously. Look at the map. Show me McCarran. You can't tell the goddamned airport from the rubble around it in any FNV map I've ever seen. There are no text labels for the highways, the airport and/or air base, the strip.

Now, I've spent a lot of years map-reading; and am more than slightly handy at navigating by even those craptastic Rand McNally tourist topos, but when there's nothing to see on the map it still makes it fairly difficult.

If you look really close at McCarran and Nellis (and already know where they are) you can see the pair of "roads" that represent the runways. Unfortunately, neither set stand out from the normal roads; so again you have to know what you're looking at, what you're looking for, and getting rid of the Pip-Boy screen distortion wouldn't hurt.

I've currently got the one with the "NPC data panels" installed; but not the cheat-icons that mark every vendor and skill book in the game.

I'm thinking I'll probably switch to the one with just coordinates at setting zero, and install the distortion remover, as well.

...Oh, I already have the 'clean pipboy screen' installed.

Well, shit...

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