Wednesday, August 10, 2011


Why did one of my innate talents have to be intuitive scripting? Why couldn't it have been talking hot chicks out of their panties or something?

Had a few new companion ideas while playing FNV this morning.

The item sorters I mentioned before, of course; but also others that work the opposite direction. Allowing me to, for example, retrieve just the components to craft weapon repair kits; or just the components to reload 44 magnum -- thereby preventing me from having to go entry by entry in the (usually crowded) storage containers looking for the handful of items I need at the moment.

I've written nine sorting and retrieval scripts today; totaling about four solid hours of staring at walls 'o code. I had forgotten how transcendentally boring this stuff is.

To go with the new versions of the companion script that has the NPCs collect casings as they fight, I also added a sorter for them. From a simple dialogue command, all companions will now transfer their own casings and spent batteries direct to the reloading container -- no taking and redepositing on my part required.

I'm nearly done. The general and survival container-sorters are still to be written; and potentially a couple more crafting retrievers -- I haven't decided which recipes are used often enough to warrant such things.

There's already a retriever for Weapon Repair Kit components. I'm open to suggestion on others, though.

I'll also warn you guys up front that the general sorter is not going to cover every miscellaneous item in the game. There are just too many; and most have such low values that they aren't worth packing around for later selling.

Weapons will not likely be sorted at all, nor will live ammunition. Without invoking NVSE it's just too much trouble to separate what the player is using from what they're just carrying.

On the up side, I also got my companions' dialogue expanded pretty good.

I'd still rather be out shooting, though; thrice-damned day-star or not.

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