Saturday, August 27, 2011

Crash. Burn. Etc.

I had a nice post typed out, detailing how I had used NVSE to improve my companion script; and make the case-spawner work with mod-added weapons.

It parsed fine, so I figured what was there to worry about? At the last second, I opted to save as a draft, and go actually test the scripts; rather than post only to have to issue a retraction. This turned out to be a good idea.

I have no idea if the NVSE code worked. I have no idea, because with it active, my companions never exit combat mode once initiated; and thus can not have their inventory checked.

Thank Darkness for backups...


Copied my plugin backup, fired up the game to see if that would unfuck my companions. The game hard-locked my system during game load.

I've about had it with this shit.

Fair warning, Kiddies: don't expect any NCCS updates in the near future.


  1. Well, that sucks, to say the least. I have found New Vegas crashes require hard shut downs rather frequently. FO3 has been crash happy for me lately, but hasn't once forced me to do a hard shut down.

    It sounds to me like your latest version of the script is somehow affecting the alert status of the NPCs it is added to. I am assuming that saying you are extremely frustrated with this result would be a big understatement.

  2. I am very frustrated with the game, itself.

    Crashing is a fact of life with this engine; but I'm sick and tired of whatever it is FNV is doing to my system.

    I can play it once, maybe twice -- and then it fucks up my video drivers somehow, and the system either hard locks, BSODs, or just plain won't run right until I restart it.

    With the frequency FNV crashes, that means some days I get less than ten minutes' play between restarts of the system.

    It ain't worth it.

  3. I wish I had some quality helpful advice to offer here, but I honestly can't think of one thing that would make my installation of the game different from either of yours aside from the fact that I used a utility to make the .exe large-address aware. It's gotta be a system issue, like the video cards or OS. Sure, I get crashes too, but I can usually log at least an hour of gameplay between each crash. I honestly don't know what to suggest here.

  4. It's driving me nuts. There's no rhyme or reason.

    Some days I can play three or four hours. Some I get three or four minutes.

    I've wracked my brain, and can't come up with any commonalities.

    Other games don't do it, so I know it's not a hardware issue. I've tried that Gamebooster thing to stop unneeded services, I've defragged, none of it helps.

    The only common thread I've been able to notice is how to fix it. That is: a restart. The issue is worse the longer the PC has been "up" when I start playing; but at the same time it can and has b0rked on boot less than ten minutes old.

    Now, normally I'd chalk shoddy performance after long up times up to my GPU overheating 'cause of that half-dead fan... but when I restart, I don't let it cool -- it's just a hot boot, so were that the case, the issue would persist until the PC had been shut down long enough to shed some heat.

    All I've been able to figure is it's the video drivers. I'm running an older set that I chose for FO3 performance, and odds are FONV doesn't like it.

    As well, I think the drivers are pretty fucked to begin with; since they have a habit of "crashing" during startup and reverting my desktop to 1024x768 and moving my desktop icons back to their default positions.

    Some day I need to try updating... but it's such a pain in the ass with Nvidia; and they're bad about releasing new driversets that destroy the performance of older games, so I have to balance FONV's suckage against FO3 and Oblivion playing pretty well.

  5. Oh, and since someone is going to ask why I don't change drivers if they're messing up anyway: most of the "crashes" of the drivers by far are related to Gamebryo -- FONV specifically.

    I went through a stretch of a month or six weeks where I didn't touch FNV, and in that time I had only one or two desktop reversions; both of which came after critical Oblivion crashes.

    If I don't touch the three, and just play games made by companies who don't suck, I never see the issue crop up.

    It really is a testament to the potential of these games with mods added in that I'm willing to put up with this shit to keep playing them.

  6. Video drivers; I'd bet that's the culprit. While probably not exactly the same thing, your mention of your desktop resolution and icon positions is a pretty accurate description of what happens on my PC quite often. As I've mentioned here and there, I play a lot of games at a variety of resolution both in windowed mode and full-screen, often with the assistance of some sort of openGL thing. Quite often when I exit a game I find my desktop icon positions scrambled, which has prompted me to return to my former practice of keeping certain related shortcuts inside folders on my desktop; I simply get tired of reorganizing and rearranging them.

    But who knows? I also have this weird thing where once every day or so, usually after I've been surfing the web, I find that my clock has lost exactly one hour and I have to manually correct it. Ya gotta love Windows...

  7. "I also have this weird thing where once every day or so, usually after I've been surfing the web, I find that my clock has lost exactly one hour and I have to manually correct it."


    Your web surfing has transcended simple addiction and begun to defy Relativity!

    We must find a way to harness this power, and use it to make a shit-ton of money...

    ...I mean help humanity enter a new golden age of peace and prosperity... making a shit-load of money and taking over the world... Yeah, that'll make it a lot easier to usher in a new era...

  8. "I also have this weird thing where once every day or so, usually after I've been surfing the web, I find that my clock has lost exactly one hour and I have to manually correct it."

    Well, that's peculiar O.o I've never heard of that happening before. Of course that doesn't mean that its not happening to others.

    Despite how good my new graphics card is, I'm pretty sure that the current round of crashes I am experiencing are a combination of rendering issues (I am using MMM) and save game bloat. I am helping a fellow Nexus member beta test his M56 Smart Gun mod (the mini-gun in Aliens) and I chose to use a version of Cameron that I had finished the game with and maxed out in level. One of the last play times listed I remember seeing was 202 hours. I was having CTDs on most fast travels and a few exterior/interior cell transitions. They were also happening when nearing a group of individuals. I got fed up with that and decided to finally play through the last version of FuzeTek's FO3 Resident Evil conversion with a new character, and hey: No crashes!

  9. I've encountered the same temporal displacement anomaly on my Dell with XP in the past; it might very well have something to do with my choice of Google Chrome as my browser or one of the internet security programs I've run on both machines.

    (Yes, that's right; I've been watching Star Trek a lot lately...)

  10. "Yes, that's right; I've been watching Star Trek a lot lately..."

    You say that like it is a bad thing O.o

  11. @Herculine:

    And you're violating the temporal prime directive, too? Damn it woman, you're going to get us all in trouble!