Sunday, August 14, 2011

Public Service Announcement

So, if you care what the Nexus admins think is newsworthy, you may already know this; but Bethsoft got hacked. Again. This last time was on Friday.

I wouldn't normally mention it, but I got an email from them (Bethsoft) this morning, warning me about it so I thought I'd pass it on in case their forum software misses any of you.

If you have an account with them, your password has been forcibly changed, and needs to be reset.

I personally will not be resetting mine anytime soon, as I long ago abandoned Bethsoft's retard-infested forums.

That is all. Going back to my hole, now.


  1. I'm beginning to think it's much safer to simply avoid joining any forums.

  2. Butbutbut!



  3. Well, there's always the option to turn off the computer and go talk to people I can actually see and know they're not spam-bots or something...

  4. ...Talk?

    What is this, the 80's? Does this "talk" of yours involve neon green socks and/or parachute pants?

  5. you have an alarming level of knowledge and familiarity with these socks and pants you mention...

  6. And that, in it self, speaks volumes, lol ;)

    I prefer solitude over socialization, but occasionally I will walk out my front door to visit the friends I have that I can interact with off-line.

    I never joined Bethsoft's forums, and I did notice the news article on the Nexus, but I appreciate you informing us of the event none the less Nos. Thanks :)

  7. "And that, in it self, speaks volumes, lol ;)"

    Not to those who know how much I enjoy screwing with peoples' heads...

    Anyway, I gave up on the Bethsoft forums last year. I used to cruise the modding forums looking for scripting help... but I quickly came to two conclusions:

    1) Most scripting questions in the help forum are written by bleedin' morons.

    2) Apparently the things that throw me for a loop, no one else is trying; so the forum searches were a total waste of my time.

    The worst was the modding request threads. Legions of people all spouting my most hated of phrases: "I can't mod myself, but someone should totally spend three thousand hours making this mod I dreamed up..."