Tuesday, August 23, 2011

New Nexus Design

No, Sir, I don't like it.

Look, I can understand that the previous design was fundamentally flawed (despite being used anyway for four years) but really? I have to tell NoScript to let Jquery do whatever it wants to my browser now?

Also: too many graphical buttons. I miss text labels. Yes, they're not what the cool kids use; but they load fast and are less prone to breaking when your servers revert to suck and fail mode.

On the other hand, it was high time you guys got rid of that thumbs-down nonsense. It was used as a tool of impotent vengeance attempts and nothing more. Also, I like that anyone with editing access to a file now gets the border around their comments; and not just the original uploader. That should make it much easier to identify people of importance for the file.

Lastly: the color scheme sucks. The FNV nexus looks like a Half Life fan site now.

Well we can look on the bright side I suppose that at least they didn't use a Flash intro...


Hm. And it also appears that the migration to the new design has wiped all rich text in comments, and lost part of the BBCode in file descriptions. I see on the NCCS page that the divider lines are gone between sections of the description.


  1. not liking the new design one bit. for me the old one was far more functional :|

  2. So it seems that a few things got lost in translation, huh? I haven't seen the new site design yet, but I guess I will be subjected to it soon. I am still trying to deal with the massive site change on f3Underground. It is so blue. Everywhere. Even some of your edit buttons in the forums are blue. Almost the exact same shade as the background they are on >.<

    Oh well, off to hurt my brain on the Nexus...

  3. I checked the description code, and the lines are still there; they just don't display anymore.

    At least for me. Maybe it's another one of my "security settings" that isn't trusting enough of their greatness and angelic intentions.

  4. I also am unable to see the lines in the NCCS description.

    It also appears that all screenshots get "squashed" into letterbox format even if that was not their original format.

    It looks extremely commercial. I hate it.

  5. my pet peeve is websites whose template locks their max width, so you end up with HUGE empty sidebars. I bought 24" monitors to use the available real estate, not to view pages that won't expand their useful area to accomodate bigger than a 1280x960 rez screen. Blogger templates like this place do it, nexus does it, far too many places do. grrr

  6. Went to the Nexus after posting yesterday and wow different! I never bothered to check out the changes when they were testing it as an optional site. It will take some getting used to, that is for sure. And once I am used to it, they will implement another change that they are still working on...

  7. "I bought 24" monitors to use the available real estate, not to view pages that won't expand their useful area to accomodate bigger than a 1280x960 rez screen. Blogger templates like this place do it,"

    Sorry, next time I start a blog on a free service, I'll make sure it's one that's friendly to people with ridiculously huge resolutions and/or multiple-display-spanning-desktops.

  8. 1600x900 is not ridiculous; it's just not square, that's all. Granted, I have to work some magic to play older games in full-screen mode properly and have to play some newer games in windowed mode because the unholy union of ATI Radeon and Windows 7 makes the cursors invisible in full-screen mode... but movies and videos look really good...

    I don't care so much about the multi-monitor-desktops, though there have been times where a program (i.e. a half-assed game) has frozen my rig with a black screen and I've had to physically pull the plug to reboot and perhaps such measures would not have been necessary if I still had access to the task manager on another display.

  9. I sit corrected, and assure you I am suitably ashamed of my Luddite ways.

  10. Sorry, that wasn't intended to sound like a scolding. To be perfectly honest there are times I regret some of the choices I made while building this rig. I do enjoy my older games, but they were never intended to run on this screen and Windows7 64-bit won't even allow some older games to be installed. In many cases I've found ways around these problems with sourceports and such, but still it can be rather annoying at times.

  11. I know my mind works differently than the rest of you here, too.

    I have a 17" monitor, and like it fine. I've been able to afford better several times, but I don't see the point in replacing something that still does everything I need.

    I ramped the desktop resolution up to 1280x1024 for GECK compatibility (since so many of the edit windows can't be resized), but it's still perfectly readable for general purposes.

    I just don't see why I need a fucking movie screen to read web pages and play my stupid little games. It's not like I have the system horsepower to push my desktop resolution in a game environ. If I did; if I could run 1280x1024 with AA and whatnot, maybe I'd feel different.

  12. I totally understand. There's absolutely no reason to connect a widescreen monitor to my Dell; trying to run Oblivion on that rig at anything other than 800x600 resolution is pretty much futile.