Wednesday, August 24, 2011


Semi-related to the whole modding bit, semi not...

Am working on the NosCo SBH texture some more this morning. Decided I wanted to find a particular type of picture to potentially edit and graft into the texture.

I run a Google image search, as I'm doing more often these days.

...One of the results is an image from my other blog...

Do you have any idea how surreal that is?

"Hey, I recognize that picture... wait, what...?"


  1. After reading this I decided to Google my pseudonym; while the first three pages of results did not yield any actual connections to me but rather were dominated by references to the person my pseudonym honors, the image search did reveal quite a few shojo companions.

    I guess it's true; I'm really not as famous as I thought I am...

  2. The lack of fame can be a blessing in disguise Herculine.

    @Nos: Lol, who would have though that the world was really that small?

  3. "who would have though that the world was really that small? "

    Well, Blogger is part of the Google network, and seems to get preferential placement in search results; but it's still odd to run across your own stuff in a web search.

    Googling your own handle is one thing; you expect to see yourself there, but when you've searched for something more vague...