Monday, August 27, 2012

About the Last Nos' Adventures

I know, this long-delayed entry was short on screenshots.

Most of the non-talky was action; and if you check the older posts carrying the Nos' Adventures tag, you'll see this one was plotted and screenshotted in January... of 2011.

Fact is, my screenshot-fu was considerably weaker back then, and most of the time I could not get action shots to come out for shit. I've learned how to more reliably in the interim so subsequent entries should be more pic-happy -- but all the people who would've starred in such shots were already dead in that game; and if I started a new game, it would have taken many hours to assemble the equipment to make everyone look like they should have to maintain continuity. It just wasn't practical.

Interestingly, the entry was also done on Sunday morning -- but I had to take off before I had a chance to transcribe it to Blogger (as I've lamented in the past, Word formatting doesn't carry over into Blogger; so after copying I have to go through and re-set italics or bold or whatnot, as well as insert the screenshots in appropriate places). Once I got home and finished it... I left it sit as a draft overnight; while I debated whether to actually post it or not.

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  1. As I mentioned in the previous post, I enjoyed the read, and am glad that you did actually post it :)