Saturday, August 18, 2012

Redecorating and Kicking Back

After the morning I had, I decided to try and unwind by putting in some work in FO3. Maybe get that pile of shit running right. This, it turned out, was a mistake. I have no idea what's going on in that damned plugin and frankly I'm an inch from writing Nos' Adventures off completely and washing my hands of FO3 in its entirety.

At least my estate's still there for me.

Nothing like sitting back next to the pool. Or laying next to it, as my stalwart partner decided to do (with Steve nearby just in case she was doing something interesting down there -- I swear, damned AI dogs are just like the real ones).

According to the view counts, I never got around to posting about it, but awhile back just before my FNV modding binge ended, I did remodel the estate slightly.

Many moons ago I downloaded a freely reusable modders' resource called "Vain's Drapes" which was, as the name implies, drapes/curtains. Well, the estate has no windows; but I decided to finally use them anyway; by scaling the drapes up and using them as wall-covering tapestries.

The bedrooms, dining room, living room, and hallways all got dark red; the bathroom and kitchen got black; and the master closet has two walls in dark blue and two in medium blue.

The drapery meshes weren't really meant to be used like this, so there's some clipping here and there... but I think it's a solid improvement.

More astute readers will also notice the Autodoc in the kitchen that was not there before. That wasn't actually part of the remodel -- it was added as part of the DLC compatibility plugin I made for my companions. The DLC plugin also adds the new items to the sorter lists, and adds the new weapons to the girls' case-spawning lists.

I still need to do something about that center island in the kitchen. Haven't decided what, yet; but I'm considering replacing it with cabinets, or maybe a bar that's usable as another spot to sit and eat at.


  1. I'm seeing lots of big, spacious rooms here so I'm wondering... are there any big exterior spaces? A garden in the center with nothing but sky for the ceiling, perhaps?

    That thought almost makes me want to resume work on my Oblivion Ayleid island garden paradise...


    1. "are there any big exterior spaces? A garden in the center with nothing but sky for the ceiling, perhaps?"

      Underground, remember?

      The pool and garden have their cells set to mimic whatever the wasteland is at the time -- if it's sunny outside, it would be bright at the pool; gets dark automatically at night, et cetera -- but nothing actually outside.

      As I said when I debuted the place, I originally wanted the terrace and pool to be outdoors; on the plateau overlooking mutieville, but the game is so lacking in decent exterior meshes that I couldn't find a way to do it that didn't look horrible. So I had to settle for psuedo-outdoor spaces.

      I didn't even want to think about the mechanics of adding an underground outdoor area -- new worldspaces and I don't have the best of track records working together.

  2. Your inclusion of the drapes/wall hangings is a noticeable difference Nos. Although the colour choices might make the place seem a wee bit darker, they also give the place a warm, lived in feeling. It is one of those "little things" that one does not know is missing, until they are finally added.

    1. "Although the colour choices might make the place seem a wee bit darker, "

      That's what you might call a personality "quirk" of mine.

      I'm well aware of the normal psychology behind bright rooms -- the lightness makes everything "seem bigger" and "brighter" and "more cheery".

      Problem is, I have problems with photo-hyper-sensitivity on a good day; so all I get out of a room with white walls and a big pretty window is a massive headache during daylight hours.

      Add that to white carpets, white appliances, white linoleum... and pretty soon 'ol Nos starts having to repress psychotic breaks. Eye-searing, mind-numbing brightness everywhere drags on me, you see.

      My actual bedroom, for example, has white walls and carpet (stupid apartments); but one wall is covered with camouflage netting (it was all I had on hand to break up the white) and the wall that's dominated by the stupidly large picture window (with a view of... the next apartment building... why that would be desirable I've never figured out) has been conveniently covered in heavy black curtains since they saw fit to face the window East; and Nos likes to sleep later than seven AM when possible. Some people like waking up to sunrise. I'm not one of them -- a headache and blindness does not make for a good start to the day for me.

      Anyway; one of the design features anytime I build a video game house is selectable darkness. It has an added bonus in FNV since the drapes don't reflect light, and cut down on the glare from the walls when the lights are turned on.

      Much like the mighty vampire, I value my sanctuary from the wretched day-star and its insipid minions.

  3. Yeah, I can understand that, being more nocturnal than not myself :)