Monday, August 13, 2012

Things Learned During the Purge

So, I finally got around to purging the Picasa account tonight (you were warned).

Managed to free up around 300mb; which should keep me uploading for some time to come. Vast majority of the purges were either redundant (RR screenshots that are uploaded to the Nexus file entries as well) or were showing off mods that I ended up never releasing or never finishing.

So... you may notice some broken images now in old posts. I'm not going through more than six hundred and fifty posts one by one looking for them, though.

One thing I noticed though, looking through screenshots from 2009 was just how far my abilities as a companion maker have come. Those old works were just... embarrassing. Not only in setup, but in my visual settings, too. Yikes all around.

Also trashed the rose garden and waterfall photos because no one really cares about trip photos (even me who took them, apparently). They were just wasting space. Kept the ECSA photos because hey; who doesn't like to see cars set ablaze by 20mm incendiary fire?

Also kept the firearm and gunsmithing photos -- not because I think anyone online gives a shit about them; but because I give a shit about them, and wanted an online backup. Being as there's nothing illegal going on in them, I see no reason to set the folders to hidden or anything dramatic like that.

Anyhow, the cleaned space should allow for three hundred forty or so new screenshots at the current video settings I use in the games, and will probably still have free space left when you've all forgotten I exist.


  1. Fortunately I haven't had the need to purge my Picasa account yet; what I really need to do is go through everything and turn off the auto-syncing so I can delete some of the old useless Doom screenshots from my HD without my whole blog going black.

    1. I never used synch in the first place. If I want the Picasa account updated, I'll update it. I'm so sick of this "LET ME DO IT AUTOMATICALLY!" nonsense that pervades every program in existence now.

      I just wish Google would stop trying to identify and log what it thinks are faces in all my pictures. Yeah, I totally believe that shit's not an NSA database or anything...

  2. Is it just me, or did anyone else start thinking "Joseph Stalin" when they read the title of this post? Just curious.

    And speaking of the history of Soviet Russia, yeah, I have to wonder what all the "helpful" parts in newer software are actually doing, and whom they are really helping. I'm not paranoid, I'm just an X-files fan (trustno1).

    1. Oh, I'm fairly convinced that my computer is transmitting statistics to the government every time I turn it on and that Bill Gates was contracted by the government to create Windows from the very beginning...

      ...but I've also accepted the fact that we're all helpless to do anything about it and I've just learned to live with it.

    2. "Is it just me, or did anyone else start thinking "Joseph Stalin" when they read the title of this post? Just curious."


      I will have you know, Sir, that I make it a point to do my best to never be poignant, insightful, or helpful around here thankyouverymuch.

    3. Judging by your response, Nos, I'll take my answer as a "yes".

      And if I remember correctly from my computer course at college, Mr. Gates borrowed the idea of Windows from Xerox during his time there, previous to founding Microsquash.

    4. Actually, no -- I don't put that much thought into my post titles; and were I to reference one of the Soviet cleansing endeavors I'd likely have called it Pogrom and not purge.

      "Purge" referred only to the statement I made in a previous blog post a couple weeks ago about clearing the old, unused, and now invalid screenshots from the account; no more, no less.

  3. Understood, Nos. I was just asking if the post title made anyone else think the same thing, and not if you had intentionally used the title with the intention of evoking said image. We may or may not have had a miss-communication there (hard for me to tell on days like today...), so I thought I would explain myself.