Thursday, August 23, 2012

How Many's the Charm, Again?

Okay, going to keep this short. This is post attempt #5 -- the previous four got shit-canned by me at the last minute for various reasons I have no interest in expanding upon.

FWE has been successfully cleaned from my Nos' Adventures saves. The last entry appears to have been about half way written when I put the project on hiatus something like eighteen months ago.

Axing FWE has removed some items that were shown in the uploaded but never linked set of screenshots to go with the unfinished entry; so some will have to be removed and re-taken; as well as a minor bit of rewriting (completed) before forging on to the remainder of the day's entry.

Assuming I don't succumb to depression and flit off to do something else with my day, expect the new entry today or tomorrow.


  1. This seems to be the week for some of us sharing stories to get back to doing so: I managed two new episodes at the beginning of the week, a friend of mine on the Nexus posted her first episode since June, and now we will (hopefully) have something new from you! I eagerly await your newest entry. Hmm, might be wise for me to re-read everything too.

    1. I had re-read it myself before I started writing again.

      What of the characters I had publicly written had blurred together with RP sessions of them and I had to get it back straight in my head.

      Got nine pages written yesterday before I had to take off. Figure another four to five before the entry is done, and a couple supporting screenshots to take/retake.

      Should be able to get the rest of it in today provided nothing crashes and burns.

    2. I haz my fingers, toes and eyes crossed in hope XD

    3. Careful... your eyes will stick that way...

    4. Also: you guys forgot to take into account that the universe hates me.

      When I finally got home last night (king of bad days) it was after 1830 -- and I had been up since 0200. I didn't feel like doing anything but going to bed.

      Just got back up, actually.

      Anyway. I like to think the next entry will be worth the extra couple days' wait (although probably not the full year and a half's worth). Counted yesterday and it sits at twenty-one pages now; depending on how wordy I get with he winding down evening of the day, probably five-ish more before it's done.

    5. If my eyes do stick like that, I'll have to change my name to "Clarence"...

      So approximately twenty-five pages for the new installment of Nos' Adventures? Wow, that will keep me out of trouble for a while!