Monday, August 13, 2012

Other Skyrim Shots

Some other shots I took lately that didn't really fit in with the last post:

Firstly, new character and companion for a paired game:

Won't bore everyone going into the backstory we came up with or anything.

I will say though, that on looking at that second shot, I just now realized how truly atrocious the default texture is tiled on that breastplate. Lazy, even by Bethsoft's standard. Wow.

Characters came out pretty good, though; even if I am having trouble de-neoning that red hair.

I did some more work on Katheryn for a player character who is a necromancer with a thing for the undead (vampires, of course, being one of the pinnacles of such things). I think she turned out pretty good:

Be nice if you could get decent looking UNPB light armor that didn't show so blasted much skin, though.

Still, I guess it's not like vampires have to worry about frostbite...

While we were smacking dremora to get the Razor, I liked the lighting inside the shrine well enough to take this one of my own avatar:

I had to add glasses despite the lore-unfriendly-ness just because I find that after a couple years and change of wearing them, the me-analogs just don't look right without them anymore.

Also: I have found my preferred armor in the game. That's the Ebony Mail (reward from Boethiah for killin' lots in her name), with standard ebony gauntlets, boots, and shield. Usually wear an ebony helm, too. I'm also wearing a potion carrying bandoleer and some pouches that you can't see for the shield. You can see some other pouches on the back of Natasha's belt in front of me, and Mystery-chan's belt, bandoleer, and shoulder-bag behind me.

Still miss having a proper hair style. After having it in Oblivion, FO3, and FNV, I cannot fathom why Beth felt the need to remove the slicked-back hair from the list for Skyrim. Some of us don't like looking like Vikings or hippies, damn it.

Here I just felt like switching over to my sunglasses and looking like a total arrogant douche. That Jarl sitting animation on the thrones is hilariously bad.

I may have to see how that Ebony Mail looks with the blue color-shifted to red. Probably hot-topic-y... but you don't know if you don't try, right?

...Also, I'm apparently going to have to try to retexture that heavy Imperial armor. That's just painful...


  1. You should make a mod that adds to the game a vendor who sells sunglasses; I'm sure the purists would love it!

    A quick glance at the Wikipedia reveals that in our realm the first actual eyeglasses were invented in Italy around 1286 and that the idea of sunglasses was being toyed with in China as early as the 12th century. Surely such things would be possible in a realm full of wizards and such.

    1. Tinted glasses do go back a long ways; but remember I'm a sufferer of astigmatism; which they couldn't reliably cut lenses for in the middle ages.

      I've always figured they just magicked away eye problems in these fantasy games.

      Which to be fair would be friggin' cool.