Sunday, August 19, 2012



Y'may remember how I was bitching enthusiastically the other day about my FO3 companions plugin not behaving. Specifically, the updates I had made to try to fix some issues worked about as well as Wolfcastle's Goggles (zeh goggles! zey do nosink!).

I was working on the estate this morning, converting my edited plugin back to a master to pop into game and test the new pretties; when I noticed TESSnip was trying to save the new master into my Skyrim directory.

...Apparently, I had used TESSnip to copy the armor records for Maeva's horns into the Skyrim companions plugin; and TESSnip was still convinced that was the directory I wanted to work in. So the updated FO3 plugin was in the Skyrim directory (which did not amuse Wrye at all) and the one in my FO3 directory I had actually been playing on was left over from June.

I have got to stop modding and play-testing at six AM when I haven't been to bed yet...


  1. Look at the bright side: at least they were actually saved somewhere and not lost forever!

    1. I learned long ago not to make big edits to scripts in one single go.

      Small edits, incremental updates.

      That way when it crashes and burns the list of malefactors is smaller and changes easier to undo. In this case, the changes were only trying a new method of calling references to see if I could get the categorized containers working.

      The other issues... I don't have any theories on at present. At least, not any sane ones.

  2. Sanity is highly over rated...sadly, the doctors don't seem to agree. Nut jobs...

    That bit aside, I agree with Herculine...and just had a thought (scary, I know): Maybe Maeva is messing with your head, trying to hide the upgraded plug-in on you?

    *shrugs* See first sentence.

    1. "Maybe Maeva is messing with your head, trying to hide the upgraded plug-in on you?"

      They don't have any control over TESSnip (at least, that I'm aware of) so I doubt that -- but I wouldn't put it past her to be ignoring the script updates and just doing what she pleases anyway.

      FNV-Maeva routinely ignores her script's code to change clothes in the estate; instead just roaming around in full armor.