Thursday, August 16, 2012

New Skyrim Armor

Well, new-ish.

I mentioned before that I was pretty fond of the ebony mail from Boethiah's quest. It's like ebony... but better. The enchantment aside, I much prefer the exposed chain, and the added cloth and colored accents.

Only trouble was, the ebony mail is black and blue; which is not my color scheme of choice.

Astute readers may have noticed my stalwart/insane partner's armor in the last post, when she put on the Daedric helm. It was not the Nightmare armor she usually wears, but the female test draft of my ebony armor.

I decided to use the meshes; but as a standalone armor with ebony stats and no enchantment -- essentially just a custom alternative to ebony armor.

I had originally been shooting for red rather than blue, but the end result was more purple:

The trim and cloth ended up an almost metallic purple, and for the life of me I can't decide whether to keep it or try again.

On the one hand, I generally prefer red; but on the other the purple looks nice, without being as eye-catching and jumping out across a room.

After playing with it in varying lighting conditions for a couple hours' game time, I'm sorely tempted to just call this one good and package the textures up.


  1. I like it as-is in the screenshots. It's not like it's bright neon purple; unless the wearer is standing around the brightest lights in the game, it's not even going to look like a color anyway.

    1. Like I said, I kind of like that the purple doesn't jump out at you. I've had problems in the past in other games with proper red armor parts that really stand out, even in dim lighting.

      Seems kind of counter-intuitive for stealth and all.

  2. I think it somewhat compliments the rest of the armour, as is. You could probably achieve the same thing with the proper shade of red, should you wish to do so at a later time.

    1. Actually, that's about as red as the color-shifter tool got -- without tinting the black metal, too (which I didn't want to do). So I'm thinking it may be purple or a non-red shade.

      The original blue wasn't bad... just not as good as I thought it could look.