Monday, August 27, 2012

Nos' Estate - Deleted Content

As I mentioned last week, there were actually four or five posts that weren't; being deleted at the last second.

One of these was the result of a long chat I had with Maeva late one night. Mostly her lamenting how badly she didn't want to go back to DC... but in the course of the conversation, she also asked me for a new feature in the Estate: a bar in the pool.

You may have seen similar ideas at hotel pools in places like Florida and Hawaii. It's a bar, just in the shallow end of the pool. For lounging and boozing all at once.

Not something I'll personally use, but if it gets the girls to spend more time in the pool...

And yes, the mini-fridge does work:

It holds booze, mostly; and a bit of food -- and respawns automatically so I can be lazy and not have to restock it myself.

There are stools; but they're under the water and thus cannot be used by the player. NPCs should be able to use them, though. There are also eating markers, and the wiping-the-bar markers that bartenders use.

Also: while I was in there adding the boozing station, I worked over the tile a bit:

Tried getting it as close in height as possible to uniform. The extreme spread of height is only a few tenths of a unit; but the seam is still glaringly obvious under full sunlight. It's about as good as it's going to get, though.

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