Tuesday, January 4, 2011


Avid watchers of the TESNexus may have noticed that the lady is back; and working on mods again both old and new.

I have to say, I've been a fan of hers for some four years now, and run about a dozen of her plugins at any given time in my game.

Recently, she released a new, all-in-one type collection; that also includes more "humanized" beast races. The main aim is basically to put the female sexy into Oblivion as much as possible; without going to the extreme (and laughably so) of such over the top things as DMRA.

This new mod is titled Colourwheel's Sexy Oblivion Overhaul. If you have a thing for sexy ladies, and aren't too uptight about your "lore-friendliness", you should seriously try it out.

I have it downloading as I type this. Install will likely be a bit complex for me; since I've overwritten many of Colourwheel's modified armor and clothing meshes with new ones that have BBB support. Still, I'm confident it'll be worth my time to install this one anyway. The new collection will also consolidate her other mods into one esp; for those of you who run entirely too many mods and are beginning to have issues with the number of plugins in your data directory.

Update: I've played a bit on 2.6 now, and the overhaul officially rocks. Had one incompatibility issue with Elaborate Eyes, which took me all of five minutes to fix myself in the CS. The new Khajiit girls are ridiculously cute. Anime-catgirl-esque stuff.

Other than the humanized beast girls, it's pretty much business as usual; save that it's all collected into one handy-dandy esp now. Wish it was an esm so I could make companions on the new races, though.


  1. I think that last sentence applies to me; I have more castles than any one heroine could ever use. Oblivion remains one of my favorite games so I'll likely look into the new mod when I return to it. Actually I briefly communicated with Colourwheel once a while back, but it was on a website that had nothing to do with video games so I won't elaborate upon that here...

  2. You are an EVIL fairy, have I told you that lately?

    Considering the... proclivities that I know you both possess, you just sent my imagination firmly into both overdrive and the gutter.