Sunday, January 2, 2011

More Flaws

I'm cooled off from yesterday. Well, mostly.

I still think wardminator is a complete jerkoff... but until they give us the ability to choke the holy living shit out of someone across the intarwebz, what're y'gonna do, y'know?

Anyway. Had another report this morning of dialog issues.

I'm not even annoyed at the players for not understanding the concept that NCCS doesn't include any greetings. I'm just... amazed.

It seems like every other mod released now, the author has monkeyed with the GREETING topic and not cleaned his plugin properly (or you know... at all).

I don't remember the influx of new modders we got when FO3 won GotY being this stupid and inattentive. I really don't.

Regardless... much as I hate to do this, we're rapidly approaching the point where I'm left little choice but to write in an NCCS-specific greeting that will override all others for the companions. It'll fix a myriad of complaints, it's true... but it'll also be unvoiced - because I'm not sorting through twenty thousand voice files anytime soon - and I like my companions having a voiced greeting. I'm sure someone will bitch in my general direction about that, too... but I think those bitches will be fewer in frequency than the "HALP MY DIALOG R NO WERK!" ones I'm getting three times a week, now.

Well... it worked well enough for CM, didn't it?


  1. As you know I've been feeling similar frustration over receiving constant complaints about the companion greeting not working even though the problem isn't caused by anything we've done. Despite that frustration, I'd really hate to see you change the NCCS master just to try to compensate for the mistakes made by Obsidian and other modders. Is there any way to make the greeting fix in the form of an optional satellite patch instead?

    (And yes, I know I'm being redundant since I asked this in a PM as well and I don't expect you to divulge any trade secrets here. I just wanted there to be a public record somewhere that I'm against a good scripter having to butcher his work to make it compatible with buggy mods created by sloppy modders.)

  2. Eh, it's not really trade-secrets. This would come under the heading of basic dialog; learnable through any of a dozen tutorials.

    Still, just to further my asshole-ish image, I decided to explain it in PM form.

    What can I say? Being an "a**hole" (what, are we in fucking junior high? why do adults censor themselves on a blog with no filter whatsoever on it? Either swear or don't - censoring yourself just makes you look bad) is fun sometimes.