Friday, January 21, 2011


So, it has come to my attention over the last few days that there is more attention paid to me and this blog in general than I give credit for.

On that note, it would be nice if more readers commented occasionally; so I didn't have to go by hits to images to determine how big the readership is.


It seems that a small but apparently vocal minority is taking my idle complaints earlier as an incitement to attempt action in a certain case I'm not going to specifically name.

Look, when I say "idle bitching" that's what I mean. I get frustrated, I complain, I go do something else for awhile. If I wanted a campaign with the Nexus admins I'd have said so. Now, lest anyone think I'm singling them out; there are more than one of you, I know.

She's not going to give it up willingly. This will not end well for any of us, and the impending soap opera is just going to make the journey that much less pleasant.

So. To prevent this sort of thing in the future, here's what I'm going to do: No more idle bitching on this blog. No more ranting about players or questions or translations or ripoffs.

From now on, this will be like the other video game blogs around the net. I'll post stupid screenshots, mod info, and the occasional funny link I may happen to come across.


  1. What if some of your readers (like me yet you know not giving any large names) enjoy your idle rants and raves?

    And pity it seems I just can't throw my name on here anymore for the comment under as.


  2. Wait six weeks. I'll eventually get all kinds of pissed off and have to either vent or get ulcer number three.

    And yeah, I killed the ability to post anonymously. Sorry; I didn't really want to, but 95% of anons posting to the blog have been trolls or otherwise insulting me from behind their little veil. Got annoying. I may open it back up in the future - haven't decided yet.

  3. Wow people need to grow a pair. If they want to say crap then at least they should show themselves.