Friday, January 21, 2011

Oblivion Stuff

In the interest of lightening the mood around here (and instituting the new, more vapid policy I mentioned before) I finally got around to converting and uploading some Oblivion screenshots I've had sitting in the folder for at least two weeks now.

...What? I like sunsets. Especially over water. You should see my Terragen folder, sometime.

I started a new game to go with some new mods, and decided to have a bit more fun with the character; than just a boring old me-analog. This was the result:

Oh, yeah. Still got it.

I mentioned once before Colourwheel's new most-in-one overhaul for Oblivion. I also mentioned how it changes the 'beast' races to be... less beast-y. I failed, however, to illustrate just what I meant, and how well Colourwheel did:


...and Argonian.

Definitely not for the purists. I like it, though. Then again; I've watched entirely too much anime in my life, and it has influenced my tastes (as if you hadn't noticed).

I also took some new screenshots of companions, as I'm still waffling between uploading them and not. I like them, and sort of want to share... but I keep talking myself out of it.


Aribeth, Caridwen, and Branwen; shortly after we kicked the holy living shit out of a group of bandits.

And one final one of the group. Not all the CMs I've made, but the ones I'd be willing to actually share.

From the left: Lilith, Aribeth, Dawn, Caridwen, and Branwen.

I've had to modify Branwen and Caridwen. That random starting equipment thing didn't work out so well, since Oblivion re-adds such equipment every time you fast travel with the companion in tow. Might be fixable via some crafty quest-script-usage... but I haven't tried it to check, yet.

I also have to say, I've got the serious urge to copy Colourwheel's custom Khajiit race and make me some catgirl companions...

No idea whether it would be uploadable (would have to ask permission; and it would require her overhaul be downloaded anyway to get the textures), but I think they'd be cute housepets. Dig up a maid uniform or two... though that does beg the question: skimpy pseudo-maid outfit, or full-on French maid outfit? Decisions, decisions...

...What? Don't give me that look. When have I ever said I wasn't a sicko?


  1. Her Khajiits are very reminiscent of the Tabaxi. I like that. I really need to remember to DL that sometime soon. Since I spent some time this afternoon reinstalling the Morrowind GoTY on both my PCs, it might not be as long as I thought before my gaming mood swings bring me back Bethesda's way. But then again, I also installed on the Dell today Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale 1&2 and Baldur's Gate 1&2...

  2. "I also installed on the Dell today Planescape Torment, Icewind Dale 1&2 and Baldur's Gate 1&2... "

    Well, we know someone's still unemployed and looking for ways to kill time during the day.

    What, ya too good to take up weird daytime TV and German pr0n like the rest of us?!

  3. Damn it, that's supposed to be daytime tv and weird German pr0n.

    S'what I get for trying to be witty while watching the Simpsons over my shoulder.

  4. Occasionally SyFy runs a good marathon on the weekdays, but otherwise flipping through the channels just makes me feel like my intelligence is being drained out through my eyeballs.

    Now and then I manage to catch a few episodes of Dragon Ball Z as well, but I can only get away with that when I'm alone.

    And I hate porn that I have to translate; it makes it so difficult to follow the plot...

  5. Oh, you don't speak Deutsch? Yeah, I suppose that would make it harder to keep up with.

    And Dragonball? Ick. At least watch something intellectual like Spongebob.

  6. Oh, and be careful if you decide to install Colourwheel's overhaul.

    The last one I had was v2.6, and apparently somewhere between there and v5, she decided to "help" people by including a basic HGEC body and textures.

    I didn't pay enough attention to the readme, hit overwrite all; and have spent the last twenty minutes trying to track down why my females were suddenly wearing lacy white panties when supposed to be naked.

    It's the femalelowerbody.nif, incidentally. Seems it also installed new hands and feet; which means I have to dig up my BBB meshes, too. And of course those authors can never give their files a descriptive name...

  7. Hmm, maybe I should give this a try. The other Oblivion mods didn't feel right but your screens say otherwise for this mod.

    But then again, I've got too much RPGs to finish. Damn trip to Japan costed me my life. :(

  8. That's one of the nice things about not being able to read romanji - it makes it a lot easier to resist the JRPG, since I can really only play the very few translated ones.