Saturday, January 8, 2011

Silver Lining

Well, things are rapidly going into soap opera territory on the Nexus.

Now I'm having meaning assigned to my words where none was stated by me. Fun stuff. I guess some people still haven't figured out I mean what I say by and large - incidents of eloquently calling someone's lineage into question notwithstanding.

But, my Saturday is looking up. Got awoken this morning from my favorite DD pillows by the delivery of a box from Abilene, Texas. Inside was ten, twenty round carbine mags. (caught a hell of a sale - some days I love the internet)

Twenty rounds, of course, being the proper capacity for an autoloading rifle or carbine mag. Thirties are just too damned long; and the twenties have the added bonus of catering to my OCD. One box of ammo = one magazine. Win and more win. Don't even get me started on forties, drums, and those new Surefire quad-stack monstrosities.

Almost makes it worth getting woken up. Almost. Since now I'm no longer in sleepy-land where I can pretend to be dead for awhile.

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