Monday, January 24, 2011

More Oblivion

I mentioned last week how I had the strong urge to copy Colourwheel's revamped Khajiit race and make up some catgirl companions.

Well, last night I got to sleep from 2200 to 0200; so I had some time to kill, and guess what I did to kill it?

Say hello to:




And Yuuko.

The names, of course, being a blatant ripoff of the four named members of the catgirl maid squad in UFO Ultramaiden Valkyrie - because they were the only catgirls I could think of off the top of my head at 0400, and as always I suck with names. I was tempted to call them Maids A, B, C, and D... but I figured that would go even further over everyone's heads.

They are, in order: a Battlemage, an Archer, an Assassin, and a Warrior.

Permission issues from Miss Colourwheel aside... I'm not sure this plugin is uploadable, as it stands.

As previously mentioned, I use and like Nequam's eyes. Trouble is, Elaborate Eyes doesn't work with Colourwheel's Overhaul. I modified my copy of her esp to make it work - because I can make it work, I see no reason to have to pick one or the other - and likewise the copied race is set up to use these eyes as well. So, unless you're CS-savvy, the plugin wouldn't actually be playable. So if I were going to share, I think I'd have to axe that part, and reset it to use default eye meshes.

I'd say I could just list a disclaimer in the readme... but I've learned first-hand over the last twenty months how many of you actually read those (hint: more people endorse than take the time to read the fucking manual before bitching in my general direction that it doesn't work).

As I just finished the Purification quest for the Brotherhood, I'm also thinking of throwing together a plugin to repopulate the sanctuary. I know; more generic murderers will move in later; but they look terrible to begin with - and make for shitty companions, to boot.

Still need to take a look at Colourwheel's revamped vampire race (oh, the wit!) while I'm thinking about it. Haven't run into one in-game yet, but if they turned out as well as the others, I may finally be able to make some vampire companions that don't look horrific.


  1. You're really making me want to start working on "Herculine's Pretty Pussies" again. Revamped Khajiits would be purrrrfect...