Monday, January 3, 2011

New Look

You probably noticed, I added a banner image for the blog; as well as updated my avatars here and on the Nexus.

Well, the Nexus you may not notice; since it hasn't propagated through their system yet or something. Who knows how long that change will take to show up.

Anyway; The banner's a bit taller than I wanted, but I couldn't figure out a way to get it short and wide and still look cool. Just hard to show me and three NPCs in a wide format, I suppose.

Bit pretentious, I know; but I like it.

A smaller version of the banner will be going up to my uploaded mods on the Nexus soon; and added to the NCCS companion creation tutorial, too.


  1. I love it! Kudos to the marketing department!

    "Never fight alone." The U.S. Army's advertising branch could not have come up with better... and if this should happen to pop up as their new logo next month: LITIGATE!

    When I've changed my avatar on the Nexus in the past I also thought it took a while to "take hold", but I believe what is actually happening is that the change is indeed instantaneous to everyone else in the world, but somehow our browsers cache the old image so we can't see the new one ourselves until we've logged out and back in again or switched browsers. Next time you're on if you still see the old image, try hitting the "reload page" button and see what happens. If I'm right, you should then see the new image. If I'm wrong, then all I can say is that I've never claimed to know everything about anything anyway.

  2. Can't claim complete creation of that last line.

    CoD's big mantra was "No one fights alone", except that some people totally do. I'm just saying you have the choice, and should choose not to.

    Plus, like you said: it does have a nice ring to it.

    The Nexus thing is weird. I've logged out and back in; and it still showed the old icon... but I was just answering a PM, and it showed my new avatar in the message but my avatar on the top left was still the old one. Their system is. So. Weird.

  3. Ah, that was it.

    I uploaded a new avatar, but forgot about the personal photo. Apparently the Nexus uses one for some stuff; and the other for the rest.

    Uploaded the "photo" sized avatar, too, and it all seems to display right, now.