Monday, January 17, 2011


Herculine and Jasmiyne over on the Nexus have suggested that NCCS would be better named "Nos' RR Companions Vault for New Vegas".

While I can sort of understand the sentiment (I've always felt mod-masters like companion systems and such should have shorter, easy-to-acronym names ala CM, EZ, RR, NCCS, etc; and that one would be quite the mouthful even in acronym form) I have to say from a practical standpoint... that's a nightmare.

I already don't have full control of RR in FO3 - or any control at all in NV. Swiping the name would be bad form, if nothing else... and that's excepting the potential getting-my-ass-banned angle.

I'm also not interested in playing second fiddle again; to let someone else get all the kudos while I do the bitch work of scripting and debugging the system - so that whole working together thing on the existing RRNV is pretty much out.

In the course of comment replying, I decided to look up the RRNV numbers. As the post title suggests, it's more than a bit disheartening. RRNV has just shy of a month on NCCS in upload date; but twice the endorsements, and two and a half or so times the unique downloads - as well as an average of one to three new third-party companions for it per week.

This despite the fact that it flat doesn't work (companions won't stay when ordered), and neither of the "authors" are even supporting it or answering comments anymore.

So... doesn't work, no support, no author presence at all = endorsements and downloads roll in.

NCCS, meanwhile, does work, has support, does have bugs addressed when they crop up... and we get a couple endorsements a week, and a handful of companions a month.

I really wonder on mornings like this, why I bother. I bust my ass; spend on average ten to fifteen hours a week helping players with issues... and no one cares. It's apparently all name recognition; and you don't even have to be the one who made the name.

Kind of puts a damper on any enthusiasm there might be for things like expanding dialog replies, or looking into adding new features.

Also makes me wish I hadn't quit drinking in 2003. Was at dinner the other night, and the restaurant had a drink on their menu that I was so, so tempted by. Stoli, lemon and pomegranate juices; served icy cold. A lemon/pomegranate martini. Oh man I'd kill for one of those this morning; afternoon hangover be damned...


  1. Well, it may not happen overnight, but I fully believe that the lack of author support on RRNV will become more and more obvious to it's player base until it finally fades from the limelight. Right now it's just fooling people because of it's name. I'f I were in the mood to try to get myself banned from the Nexus, I'd leave a comment on the RRNV mod with a link to NCCS and a few other choice words to accompany it. However, I'm still just observing for the time being...

  2. Hey man dont get down, i like you mod, i was creating a companion myself and hit a few snags and cant seem to figure out whats wrong. But this message sounds like you have alot on your plate so i dont want to bug you with issues that i probably made myself... but if you get some time i could really use a hand trying to figure out whats wrong with my companion.

  3. @Corey:

    Like I said on the NCCS file entry (in case you should read here but not there): send me a Nexus PM about your issue, and I'll see about getting it resolved.

    Despite my idle bitching about pointless glory, I don't stop trying to help my players with their issues.

  4. @Herculine:

    You, my dear, are still an optimist.

    I've been watching their comments on and off, and despite not working; the endorsements still roll in.

    I really don't think it's a matter of people realizing something they already know; but endorse anyway.

  5. Hey there mate. Don't be so down. There are probably quite a few guys that support what you're doing. One man can make quite a difference to anything. Have some faith. I'm pretty sure there will be more endorsements and more creations with your system soon. :)

  6. Nos - I'll readily admit that when I first started looking for companion mods for FNV, I looked for something having to do with RR *first*, because it was something I used in FO3, and assumed I'd be getting more of what I liked from back in that game.

    However, I'm incredibly glad I went with NCCS. You care about making it work, making it work with the multitude of insane things people are doing with mods out there. And you give a damn enough to lose what's left of your sanity to help others.

    Thank you, for everything that you've done for the FNV community - whether the ingrates deserve it or not. And thank you for the insights we see on this blog. I wish more people would realize what a PITA modding can be, and give devoted people like you more damned credit.