Sunday, January 30, 2011


Nothing to do with modding, really... but things did look up a bit today.

Slept until 0400, when someone decided I had been asleep long enough. Didn't manage to get out of bed until five till five. Best way to start the day? Oh, yes.

Worked on some guns for a couple hours; got the 5000 mile maintenance done on the Beast; modded the handguard in a fit of brilliance, and added new springs that should outlive the barrel.

Hit the range again, since it was packed to the damned gills yesterday.

Yep, I've still fuckin' got it. That, by the by, is not some matched-up cheater pistol I take out when I want to show people up on the range; it's the actual government model I carry every day - as evidenced by all the holster wear at the muzzle and dust cover (damned Italian leather!), as well as the fact that you can see where my hand has worn the OD epoxy-coat clean off the grip safety. Damned thing's about due for a refinish, again. Hate living in an apartment - nowhere to set up my sandblasting cabinet and compressor.

Guys a couple lanes down from me were practicing double-taps. Never understood those, myself. Carry a grown-up caliber weapon, and put the first round where you want it... and you really don't need the second. Even if putting five into one hole is satisfying to do.

Some guy was trying to teach his girlfriend to shoot in the lane net to me. Had her shooting at ten feet for some damned reason. Poor thing had no idea what she was doing, and douchebag was far from a qualified instructor. Protip, guys: if you're going to teach someone to shoot? For fuck's sake, don't do it with a DAO carry piece in 40S&W. Lots of noise + lots of recoil + crappy trigger = student has no fun = she never wants to do it again.

Anyhow, my little jaunt into life not sucking is over with, now. I'm back home, and already having to start looking at modding again. Player insists there's an error causing the NCCS companions to have hostility issues with the 'bots in the Lucky 38. I know damned good and well that the base mod doesn't do that; I've had NCCS companions in tow through every part of that casino, including the secret bunker (and man, do those securitrons get pissed when you override security and access the bunker elevator...).

Player failed to mention however that he(?) uses ttwomv's wheel addon. Not knockin' his scripting, but this is a variable that it would have been nice to know about from the start. I haven't used his wheel addon since v1, and did that testing in Goodsprings. I haven't used v1.1 at all, or tried to take companions through the Strip with it active at all. So... now I get to go a'diggin' through that; to see if anything's been changed that might allow such an issue to crop up.

You know, I really prefer complaints about Herculine's scripts. She has the decency to go the simple elegance route. Those recall item scripts were short enough that I could read them in FNVEdit - didn't even have to load the GECK.

Once this latest bitch-fest is sorted one way or the other, I have to dig back into NCCS and work over some of the dialog resultscripts, as well. There's an omission in there that could cause issues over long term for large numbers of companions. No one's managed to find the bug yet; but it's only a matter of time until they do. Since I already know the fix, it's just a matter of getting it done.

After that, it'll mostly just be expanding the replies from companions to include random wittiness, and the mess will be about ready for calling a full-on, non-beta release. I'm ecstatic, really.


No, wait; that was the pomegranate Rockstar I had in lieu of lunch not sitting well. My bad.


  1. I know who to call if I ever need someone shot in the head. Did I overlook it as I skimmed over all the technical ballistics info, or did you mention what range you made the shot at? Regardless, still obviously a nice kill shot.

  2. No, I didn't mention. I am impressed that you know to ask, though.

    Standard qualification distance is seven meters, or a hair shy of twenty-five feet.

    Not world-class skill by any means, but I figure if you as a civilian need to use a pistol at twenty-five meters in a defensive situation, you have done fucked up someplace.

    Plus, since the temperature dipped back below fifty today the locals have been burning the ceremonial tires to stay warm again... and that toxic smoke plays hell with my vision. Could barely see my front sight even with my glasses on.