Thursday, April 14, 2011

Emailing Plugins

Stop it.


My gmail account is not listed in my Blogger profile so that you can ship me your plugins for debugging. It is there so that people who need to/want to discuss something that may not be appropriate for public display may do so without having to get 'hold of me via blog comments or the Nexus.

I am not your personal mod debugger. While I'm willing to answer some questions; posit a few theories to help, I do draw the line somewhere.

I'm not allowing comments on this post because I don't need a flood of "I understand, that sucks when people do that". I appreciate the sentiment, but it's unnecessary in this case. I know full well that the vast majority of you would never do such a thing. Some others, however, have a greatly warped idea of just how much responsibility I have to the people who download my mods for free.

If you want to PM me over on the Nexus to discuss the possibility of emailing a plugin to me for a specific check on something, that's one thing.

This is not to say that people I actually know are not allowed to mail me a plugin for a project I've said I'd help with; or to get a quick check for errors, or a script written or whatever. If I know you or you have permission, fine; email away. But if you're just some random person who commented once on a mod and has never directly spoken to me? No.

Do it without permission, and your mail gets trashed. Odds are good I'll never even acknowledge having received it.

Even if I do know you, a heads-up PM is probably a good idea, so I know to watch for the mail - Gmail gets some odd ideas about what constitutes spam, sometimes.

I've said it before, I'll say it again: this is a hobby to me. I am not your personal modder. I owe you nothing. If you don't like it, go play someone else's create-your-own-companion system.

We here at NosCo apologize for our CEO's offensive outburst, and now return you to your regularly scheduled nonsense.

Oh, yeah; there should also be a full-blown review for an Oblivion mod coming up today or tomorrow; I'm just about done playing through it, and this one bears some specific mention in my usual long-winded style.