Friday, April 8, 2011

Nos' World - Sharing?

Girls? Got a minute?

Of course.

I suppose. You are my master, after all.

Sure, what's up?

Well, first I wanted to ask how you're liking the new environment. Your scripts seem to have sorted themselves. The sitting code finally worked correctly, too. Damn, I'm good.

Can't complain. Everything seems to be working...

Yeah; that brings up something I wanted to discuss.

Dare I ask...?

Look, I know you went partially batshit insane and had your psychotic break and everything and completely severed us from that RR mess...

I did not have a psychotic break. It was a carefully calculated decision that I had been mulling over for months before even attempting it. Besides which, I hate to have to point out that your scripts are functioning better after less than four hours in the new plugin than they were after a year of constant revisions and testing when you were slaved to RR! You three performed better tonight than I've ever seen any companion do; ever. You three were looting ammunition from the people you killed as you moved through the place! There were no loot packages involved!

Ah-hem. You're ranting again.

Uh, yeah; I'm not knocking the new code. It's great. Trouble is, pulling the vault has left us... how shall I put this...

Tragically short of swanky digs.

That works.


We're spending the night in the fucking Super Duper Mart. Granted, Vault 1 wasn't the Four Seasons; but it beat the hell out of this shit. Don't you guys agree?

At least we're all together, right?

I've slept in worse places by far. This is a solid roof and bar-able doors, at least.

You people suck. I'll call the demon-union over this, I swear.

What do you want me to do?

Make with the GECK work, slacker. Open the tower up.

Or there was that nice place up in the rocks.

You mean the one I never even finished the first cell of? Okay; fine. I'll see about getting us something rigged up. Now can we get back to the matter at hand?

The one you never got around to mentioning?

Yes, that one. Anyway. With the three of you free; the subject has been broached that I might intend to share you.

...You're going to whore us out?

"Share" implies free of charge. I think slutting us out would be a more appropriate term.

How could you?!

NOT THAT KIND OF SHARING. They mean uploading your plugin for public download.

Which is different than letting random people have their way with us how, again?

May we have a moment to confer?

Yeah, take your time.





We have reached a consensus.

And what would that be?

Ho-kay. I'm going to mark that one down in the minutes as an emphatic no.

Sorry folks, doesn't look like these three will be gracing the Nexus new files listing anytime soon...


  1. Lmao! That had to be one of the best updates ever! Mind you you did get my hopes up about a new version of Maeva...

    Oh well, I'll stay with the current one ;)

  2. Careful, Nos... those redheads seem to mean business... especially that tall one with the glowy eyes...

  3. "Mind you you did get my hopes up about a new version of Maeva..."

    I can't talk release dates (obviously), but I think I'm going to have to do some sort of companion using my new stuff; even if it isn't one of these three. I was not kidding when I mentioned the amount of ass they kicked. It was like watching Delta assault a building... and I'm going to go into details in a new post shorty, so as to avoid cluttering up the comments here.

    Since it's FO3 we're talking about (which doesn't have NV's horrible bugs regarding custom hair), it'll be a cinch to have it include my (already uploaded) cosmetic pack; so I'm thinking I may need to create another demon companion.


    Funny thing about summoning demons: they do what you order them. No more, no less. Exact wording and all that. Otherwise, they tend to do as they please. And yeah, those three usually mean business.