Tuesday, April 19, 2011

One of Those Days...

...Do you ever have one, where you feel like you're just talking to yourself?

Maybe hallucinating in a padded room somewhere; the Nexus and all the people you've met through it only a fevered dream of insanity?

A player complained yesterday about an NCCS companion teleporting in front of him just as he was throwing a grenade.

It's unlikely, but possible. The teleport code is based on which direction you're facing, and will fire when combat ends (if they're a certain distance or more away) or when you cross a cell-barrier.

So while it's never happened to me; yeah, it's possible. You're twisting and looking around at random like a chicken sans head; chucking grenades, and you happen to move across a cell border in the open wastes... depending on the exact direction you were facing when you flagged as in the new cell, it's entirely possible one or more of your followers would appear in a position that you were in the process of twisting back to throw a grenade at.

My normal advice would be: it's not CoD; stop twitch-gaming and tossing explosives at random - but you can't say shit like that. It hurts peoples' widdle feewings.

Anyway, I explain that the teleporting is necessary because of engine issues. If the next patch fixes said glaring flaws (yeah, right) I'll make it a selectable option.

Player comes back today wanting to know if I can make it (the entire goddamned teleporting option!) bound to a key.

...What did I just say, two damned comments down? Does anyone read the little combinations of letters I am producing by banging away on my keyboard; or am I giving myself RSI for nothing?

Beyond that, I am absolutely not making it a key-bind. Ever.

Key-binds require NVSE. I don't like NVSE, and have no intention of forcing everyone to use it for any of my mods.

If - IF I were to ever find a set of functions that were so good that I just had to include them, but they required NVSE, I would make it an "advanced features" plugin.

I mean, Gods... it's not just a matter of capturing the pressed key and binding a script function to one possible key. There are hundreds of mods that bind useless crap to keys for people too lazy to use an inventory item. For compatibility with all those, you'd have to make the key changeable, which adds a bunch more complexity to the script.

Look, I can make the teleporting bit optional. I've done it with a simple dialogue command. It's not lack of ability that keeps there from being an option. It's lack of my being willing to listen to the endless bitching of a thousand people whose companions keep getting lost.

(and man, does getting called away from your desk in mid-sentence for seven hours kill one's train of thought)

Please realize that there are like twelve of you who are willing to deal with the getting lost issues just to not break "immersion" or whatever rationale you use. The rest of the players want companions who stay with them when they're supposed to.

Since I belong to group two, it gets priority.

And now, I'm shutting up because I have no fucking idea what else I was going to say seven hours ago when I started this post. Damned people; making me participate in the real world...

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  1. "One of those days?" Yes, yes I have, and I expect to be having some more of them in the near future. So, you're not alone in that, but I doubt it makes it any better do deal with.