Tuesday, April 12, 2011

NCCS - Milestone

So, in my general bitching and ranting about how rough I have it modding; I've completely forgotten to mention something at least somewhat significant.

NCCS has topped a hundred endorsements. (102 at the time of this posting, to be exact)

Of course, this number is far less impressive when you see that it has more than 5200 unique downloads... but I suppose we, as modders, should be grateful for whatever meager scraps we can get.

So, thanks to all who endorsed.

I want you people to know just how much willpower it's taking for me to not drop in a few choice social suggestions for everyone who plays it but won't endorse, by the way.


  1. I've noticed that trend for a large number of mods out there. Many of the mod users are more "leechers" than community members. Of course, these people will, as you have learned, be very quick to leave a comment if it doesn't work exactly the way they want it to, with all the other mods they have aquired using similar behaviour.

    I will admit though, that I was originally a leecher when I first discovered the Nexus. Compaired to the huge amount of mods I have collected, I think I may have left only a couple dozen endorsements and/or comments.

    That changed in the last six months or so. I actually started paying attention to the download/endorsement ratios and found it rather disquieting how low it was.

    Not all of us are prone to changing our behaviour :(

  2. Oh, and congradulations on breaking 100 endorsements, by the way! Was rather thoughtless of me to forget that >.<

  3. I totally did not notice the number; I'm generally watching the comments threads via the Forums. I can't remember the last time I actually logged in to one of the mod sites.

    The majority of those endorsements must be comment-less. Well, I guess that's better than no endorsements at all.

  4. @Herculine: Eh, you know me - I avoid the forums like they have the plague. I prefer to deal with file comments from the file entries direct. And yeah; most are commentless. Through some miracle, we've thus far escaped any thumbs-downs.

    @Druuler: I have to confess, I'm good about endorsing Fallout 3/NV mods, but not as much with Oblivion. Half the mods I run are old, and were garnered from a "mod package" on a torrent site. The ones that are on the Nexus I've never tracked or updated through there; so I've endorsed very few of them. Newer ones that are from the Nexus I try to endorse, but by the time I've played with the mod enough to know whether it's worth giving the Nos seal of approval to or not, I've completely forgotten to go back to the file entry.

    I wouldn't mind so much; but one would assume that if you have time to drop in a comment complaining it doesn't work, you'd also have time to drop an endorsement for the authors who busted their asses getting your issues fixed.

  5. I have to agree with you on that, Nos. I have made it a point to try and read through a mods comments in their entirety (a long read for some) to be aware of the potential conflicts/issues that might pop up, and to see how both the users and the author respond to one another. Many an author has received an endorsement from me based on their interaction with the users and how supportive they are of the mod itself, irregardless of how the mod turns out for me.

    The RR Vault series is a good example of that ;)