Thursday, April 21, 2011

A Plea

Folks, when you have a problem with one of my mods, and I ask you some questions to try and get the information I need to fix it?

Give me the information I asked for. Not what you think I need. Not what you think I meant.

The answer(s) to the question(s) I asked. Read the words I typed. Don't interpret. Do not attempt to divine my true and hidden meanings. Go by the words I used.


When, for example, I ask whether the problems are with your companions, or someone else's; I don't care about specific identities. I am trying to deduce whether the issues are specific to your plugin, or are instead system-wide.

And for the love of all that's unholy, if you modified my scripts or packages, just fucking say so. Stop hiding it.

NCCS works, okay? It only stops working when the engine craps out, or you fuck with something you shouldn't. If you "improve" something, and don't tell me about it, I have no idea what's going on in your game.

I have said it before, I will say it again:

I. Am. Not. Omniscient.

I'm good, don't get me wrong; but I don't automatically know everything in the universe - much as I may wish I did.

And while I'm asking for the impossible anyway: animal, creature, and robot companions suck. They always have, they always will. Give it up.


  1. On the off-chance that I might sound cynical and sarcastic here, your plea will go largely unheeded. Why? Because unfortunately, human nature kicks in and the need for self-vindication will overshadow the need to tell the truth, at least until the third or fourth time they're questioned. One of the things that drove me absolutely crazy as a technician was when I had to troubleshoot a software routing problem and people wouldn't "own up" to things that they had obviously changed. Most times, they actually were the cause of the problem but getting them to admit it was a lost cause, even when the proof was was irrefutable. Oh, and asking them to answer your question as it's written? Good luck with that. It's almost like a game - lets play "I Can Guess Where Nos Is Going With This Before He Thinks About It Himself". The only thing you can do is sit back, shake your head, crack open another beer and laugh it off. Maybe that will take the edge off the frustration. I feel your pain.

  2. Omniscient? Be careful what you wish for, my friend.

    Note to self: Once I complete any mods of my own, restrict access to people I know. I'll probably avoid further mental health issues...

  3. I just don't get why people want these robot companions to begin with. They're stuck using one set of weapons and there's no nude body replacers or sexy outfits for them. Somebody please post an explanation, because I'm just not getting it.

  4. @SuperSledgeNY: No cracking of beers. I don't drink. My frustration relief comes in the form of heavy stimulant abuse and converting money into recoil and noise. I wouldn't mind people guessing at what info I need so much; but they know nothing of modding, and thus know nothing about which info and need and why.

    @Druuler: Oh, yeah, I should totally be careful what I wish for. I might end up in a miserable existence of perpetual insomnia, impinged health, a family that's trying to kill me, and a constant stream of mewling complains from people too stupid to tie their own shoes... Oh wait! As for sharing mods: on the whole, it really isn't that bad. Yeah; there are the people who desperately need to be removed from the gene pool... but sharing mods also puts you in contact with people you'd otherwise never meet. Makes you some interesting friends. Bitching aside, it's totally been worth it. I'm just... you know, of the complaining personality type.

    @Herculine: Grass is greener syndrome. It's the same thing in all three games: kids, animals, bots - whatever you're not supposed to be able to take as a companion. From a purely practical staindpoint, I don't see the point of bots. Fixed armaments, stupid AI, no real provision for improved combat styles; no customization of appearance... it's just shit from one side of the concept to the other.

  5. Oh, great. Now you've got me thinking of nude body replacers for 'bots.

    Oh, yeah! Check out that exhaust port!

    (Yes, I have seen every episode of Futurama ever made. Multiple times.)

    I blame you for this train of thought, Herculine.

    Protectron strippers. Oh, Gods... I think I may have to reconsider my policy on getting blind, stinking drunk...

  6. Goodbye, friends. I never thought I'd die like this... but I'd always really hoped.

    Yeah, if'n ya gotta go, that's the way to do it.

  7. Oh, BTW, I have a question:

    Does NCCS use NVSE?

    Just wondering...

  8. Oh look, I just happened to have a spray bottle here on the desk; I wonder whatever should I do with it...

  9. *hisssss*

    If I had followed my initial instinct that comment would have been posted anonymously...

    ...but I changed my mind when I realized how guilty I would feel if I were the one responsible for your head finally exploding...

  10. HA!

    Your evil scheme would never have succeeded, FOUL VILLAIN!

    (I never re-activated anonymous posting on this blog - it's registered users only)

  11. Wisdom like that is why you're the CEO and I'm only in the Inhuman Resources Department...;)

  12. Well call me unkind (won't deny it) but the number of productive or even friendly anon comments to this blog have been few. Most have been used to either insult me, or decry my policy of not being nice to stupid people.

    Besides, it's set to allow posting with not just Google accounts, but also OpenID which includes several other networks (Darksong posting with his Livejournal ID is a prime example). If I had set it to require an account that costs money to post, I could see it as unreasonable... but between Google and OpenID there are a lot of possibilities, and none of 'em cost a red cent to get.

    People seem to be more mindful of their words when they have to own them - even if it is behind a handle or pseudonym.

  13. Bingo; that last statement speaks volumes, and sums up what I believe is the biggest flaw over at the id Games Archives maintained by the Doomworld folks.

    But I digress, because this blog isn't for my own personal bitching...

    ...well, except maybe for that one post...

  14. I've said it before, I'll say it again: bitch all you like, here.

    Gods know I don't do much else with it, these days. Is a wonder I have as much of a readership as I do.

  15. Your bitching is probably why you have the readership you do XD

    You are also correct on how modding does connect you to some wonderful people. Two of them tend to comment here quite frequently...bitching aside :)

  16. I do get the feeling from time to time that I'm fulfilling a sort of stand-up comic role around here.