Monday, April 4, 2011

Blog Changes

Recently, I offered Herculine posting-ability here on the Nos' Mods blog; for talking about her own Gamebryo mods, or even gaming junk in general. She declined, and noted that this was my blog and not hers.

This made me think. While I nominally intended this blog to be about my various modding efforts, and video games/gaming on a wider whole; I've nonetheless let it devolve into a personal blog, where I yammer about whatever.

Even if there's not going to be another poster around here, I still feel this is something I need to change. Keep modding stuff here, and personal crap and whining on my other blog; which had sat unposted-to since November.

Along those lines, I've started posting to my other blog; putting up four posts in the last couple days. From here on out, I intend to keep posting here limited more strictly to games and mods, or their related topics; and keep my boring personal stuff on the other one. Consequently, there will likely be a substantial drop in the number of posts made here; but when they are made, you'll have to wade through less whiny garbage to get to the mod details I know you all come here for.

The other one will be where my idle bitching, gun-related prattle, and general nonsense go.

Nos' Adventures will still appear here, of course; as it's tied directly to my modding and video games. Well, when I finally get around to finishing the next installment, anyway.

So... yeah. That is all.

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