Friday, April 29, 2011

Fallout NV v1.3 - Companions

Well, I've run through the tutorial with Sunny with my personal companions active. We also ducked into the Schoolhouse to get in some interior combat.

I haven't seen a single issue. They fight, they follow, they teleport, they equip items, show their inventory, draw, holster, sneak, and strip naked on command. No problems moving between cells, other than the usual delays endemic to Gamebryo since the days when Oblivion was new.

I'm going to pop some ibuprofen to try to get this headache into submission. Then I'm going to reinstall my body and armor replacers. Once that thar be done, I'll install NCCS proper and fire 'er up; but considering that the base archetype for most of the features is still working properly, I'm not sure how much that'll change anything. This could once again be a case of people putzing around with bash patches and other such nonsense that are causing problems. After all, there's only been three or four reports of problems; and most don't overlap much - at least as I recall.

On the note of 1.3 itself: I only have about an hour logged on the new version, but it seems to be an improvement. I got through the entire tutorial without a crash (first time that's ever happened); and the varmint rifle is actually useful now at low skill levels. I was able to one-shot each of the bloatflies at the cemetery, where in previous versions that's taken four or five shots a piece owing to the extraordinarily poor accuracy. We'll see how it holds up, but I'm cautiously optimistic.


  1. Looking like the latest patch isn't a down grade so far? Hmmm, if later patches continue to be upgrades, maybe I will actually consider buying the game finally.

    Also glad to hear that it isn't giving NCCS any issues so far.

  2. @Druuler:

    What? You don't have the game yet? OMG!

    Just kidding; probably best that you've waited anyway, what with new patches every month and all.

    To make a long story short, it basically plays just like a huge expansion pack for FO3. Obsidian did do a few things differently, but overall if you like FO3 you should like NV as well.

  3. Actually, the new patch seems pretty good. I was doing some indoor combat with the 9mm pistol, and the dreaded semi-auto-freezing bug didn't crop up for the first time in as long as I can remember. I'm wondering if they fucked around and ended up inadvertently fixing it somehow.

    As well, the game seems a bit "smoother" now. Not as choppy, you know?

    O'course, the down side is that now that FNV runs again, I am again stuck longing for a proper house mod...

  4. Also: I'm glad NCCS isn't giving issues too.

    Seriously; I'm about out of alternate script functions to use, here. If something b0rks again, I may well have to axe it from the mod.

  5. Having to axe something would be a whole world of suckage :(

    With having taken on the comic project, I wouldn't have time to play NV anyway right now. Besides, I still haven't actually added all the mods I've downloaded over the last year for FO3, so I still have plenty to keep me busy in that area.

  6. Yeah, I still need to work the bugs out of Lillian's home marker, so I can upload her someplace.

    But, NCCS being my "flagship" mod, I generally want to make sure it still works - which gets precedence over other mods.

  7. @Druuler:

    That sounds similar to how I was when I first discovered that on the internet I could get more mods for Morrowind than you can shake a guar at... and all for free! I was like the proverbial kid in a candy store, and I immediately embarked upon a quest to download them... all of them. As a result, I still have several GB of Morrowind mods stored on my PC, most of which I have no idea what they are or what they do. I've had them long enough now that most of them are probably obsolete versions; I probably should just delete them all and start over -- it'd be far easier than trying to sort them all out.

    Thanks a lot TES Nexus, FileFront and StrategyInformer! Oh, and you too, Elric of Melnibone!

  8. "Kid in a candy store" is how I descibed myself when I first found the Fallout3 Nexus. My file for FO3 mods is over 20 gig, and I haven't started making my own yet...O.o

  9. Jeez. How do you people get so many mods? My FO3 mods folder is sitting at 11.5gb, and that's including my own mods.

    What, do you just download everything? Honestly, I don't think I use half the ones I have; they're either old versions that probably need to be cleaned out, or mods I wanted to try but that didn't work, or conflicted with something more important to me.

    I can never figure out how people find enough mods in Fallout 3 to top the 192 or whatever it is plugin limit before the game starts having problems.

  10. I've just gone through the "download every mod I see" stage and I already don't know half of what I have... -_-

  11. Like Herculine and I said, "kid in a candy store", but we have Mom or Dad's credit card, with only a large shopping cart to limit us.

  12. I guess. I just don't run across that many that actually seem useful in some way. My FONV load order consists of a whole fifteen plugins right now.

    Granted, I'm up over a hundred in Oblivion; but that's largely pose mods and Lovers components since I won't bash-patch to combine similars and cut the number down.

  13. I have a habit of grabbing anything that's vaguely interesting in case I need it later.
    Probably a good idea though seeing that some mods have disappeared or are "under review" like 20th century weapons pack for F3 (which I didn't get in time) :P

  14. ...20thCW under review now? You have got to be kidding me...

    You're not kidding.

    Ye Gods allfrigginmighty.

    Excuse me a moment, I need to go suppress the hell out of the urge to rant again...

  15. I found v5 of it on fileplanet, but it's highly irritating, especially since you can't even ask about it :P