Friday, April 29, 2011

Fallout NV - Go and No

Finally updated FNV. New game still wouldn't start right. The damned opening sequence still had the Doc missing his dialogue cues and not advancing the mess.

The Bethsoft forums, as usual, are totally useless. The "issues" forum is a mass of poorly spelled reports of crashing incidents, and "is my PC good enough to run this game?" (I shit you not, there was a poll in one topic to that very subject!)

So, I decided to just wipe the mess. Remove it, trash the entire directory, and start anew. Reinstalled the game to the new 1tb drive (hey, I may as well make use of the space - Gods know Oblivion and FO3 are eating enough of C:\'s limited space). Once installed, it got only the newest patch - which I've found cuts down on opportunities for things to get corrupted.

Started a new game; let the boring-as-hell intro movie run (seriously, why do game companies keep subjecting us to these things? they weren't interesting ten years ago...); and went through the creation process. Thankfully, this time it worked.

I got as far as outside the Doc's house, then saved and exited to reinstall my mods and NVSE. I've created a "clean save" point right after name entering that should allow me to re-start as many games as needed without getting stuck on the bed.

That done, I intend to set about examining my own companions; seeing what changes have come about in the new patch. After that, I can see about making necessary revisions once I know what I'm dealing with.

Shouldn't be too hard. Someone on the NCCS file entry's comments has already declared that it's very easy to fix the plugins. He can't mod himself, you understand; but he's heard it's very easy; so it shouldn't take me long to keep up my responsibilities to everyone and fix NCCS.


  1. Well obviously, anything is easy if you get other people to do it while you heckle them from the peanut gallery...

  2. Hey, now! Don't go knocking our elected officials! They work very...

    ...Oh, you meant the modding? Yeah, you're right, then.

  3. Lol! Yes everything is easier when you get someone else to do it. That is assuming of course that are better at it than you are...

    Here's hoping for smoother sailing with NV for you Nos :)

  4. Thank ye much. Just don't say that too loud. You'll remind whoever it is up there that hates me that they're slacking off on the "How can we fuck Nos today?" game.

  5. Trust me, its not just you they play it with...

  6. Doubtless true, but this is the character I'm stuck in the first-person view of, so it's the one I worry about most :)

    ...Ye Gods it's creepy when I do that...