Wednesday, April 20, 2011

NCCS - Thanks

To Nexus user Raverbane, for giving a thumbs-down to NCCS; apparently because I wouldn't debug his plugin for him.

"The file didn't do what the description implied"

I guess it's just my imagination that it's a fully-functioning companion system then; since that's all the description claims it is.

Hell with it; I'm gonna go work on my Lovers install and Oblivion companions. The only question is: do I leave her a Mazken; or do I re-set her to a sexeh redhead human and stencil some arcane tattoos onto the skin texture? Oh, decisions decisions.

Hm. I do need another redhead in the game. Especially now that I have SetBody, 2ch MBP, and X117 to work with. Where'd I leave that Mystic Elf textureset? It was nice and pale and tattooed...


  1. That's F'ing crazy. Let me guess: this is one of the guys that was e-mailing stuff to you, 'cause in the comments he seemed pretty civil about it and then he just suddenly gives the thumbs-down... apparently because he's the only person in the universe having the problem he assumes that means there's something wrong with the mod. What a 'tard.

  2. W T F ???? I'm looking at the things he's uploaded, and comments he's made about his work/skills.

    3/19 upload "This is my very first mod and I am quite the novice to say the very least."

    3/21 upload "I dont know how to place objects in the game yet. So, to get the weapons just use a console command in game.

    4/19 upload 1 - didn't realize Blender is a tool commonly used to mod content.

    4/19 upload 2 - just a GECK hack to remove "graphics and sound" to make an invisible weapon, with "balancing changes"

    And he has the gall to complain that your stuff doesn't do as the description implied? WTF ?!?!?! He needs to learn how things work in the game mechanics before making comments like that.

    I am tempted to go all 4chan personal army on this cretin. DS is not amused by this at all. -_-#

  3. I'd be lying if I said the "anonymous is legion" personal army schtick didn't occur to me as I was hotlinking his profile; but I'm not actually advocating anyone do anything like that.

    It was mostly just a case of my being sick of these cowardly little shits who don't get the answer they want on the first try, and so drop in a thumbs-down without comment and flee back into the aether.

    I swear, anonymous communication and product rating via the internet is going to turn out to be one of the worst things in human history.

  4. agree, and although I usually don't like Penny Arcade, they got this one right one the money.

  5. Yes, I've been a proponent of John Gabriel's Greater Internet Fuckwad Theory for a long time - since well before I even knew the chan boards existed.

    The Nexus just reinforces it on an almost daily basis.

  6. Common-sense is not all that common, and sadly, neither are intelligence and wisdom...