Monday, April 19, 2010

Continuing Video Woes

Still having problems.

Every time I think I have it fixed, the problem reoccurs.

Just had the slowdown bug again.

On the save of the game that played for sixty minutes and forty-seven seconds with no problems.

Killed and restarted the game from the disc-launcher instead of FOMM, and the problem was there from the start.

So, it seems like it's a driver issue, and not a game issue.

Pisser of it is, it doesn't do this with any other game. I can play Oblivion, or CoD4, or even The Witcher (which is way harder on a system than FO3 ever thought of being) without a problem.

Seems to be what I call a "driver crash", which is a recent problem. This is the first video card I've ever seen it with.

Basically, what happens is that some fuck up will occur while in a DirectX environment (a game), and the game will either crash, or stop working right - ala FO3. Once this happens, the video driver is fucked. Sometimes I get a notification from windows that the driver has stopped working, but most often there's no warning.

From there on, it doesn't work right at all. When I restart the system, the Nvidia control panel has lost its damned mind, and reverts to default settings.

After the second-in-a-row FO3 not working, I restarted the computer, and sure enough it started in 800x600, 60hz.

Am I the only person starting to seriously loathe Nvidia? I mean, it's like they're not even trying to put out workable drivers anymore. Which is a shame, because in days gone by they were the best.

So, now I get to uninstall and reinstall my adapter and driverset over and over again until it decides to act right and install correctly. Which could take awhile.

I'm getting too old for this bullshit.


  1. Have you thought of using just a ios image of the game and not even use the cd drive?

  2. Uh... no?

    Wasn't aware the CD drive caused these problems?

    Don't normally keep the disc in anyhow. It never complains in my general direction to insert it when running from FOMM, so I only end up using the thing when I need to access the video options menu.

  3. My roomie was having the same problem with his NVidia drivers, I'll ask him how he fixed it.

    The Auld Grump

  4. Oh, I know the fix procedure.

    Uninstall, reinstall, test. Find out it didn't install right. Uninstall, reinstall, test. Find out it didn't install right. Uninstall, reinstall, test. Find out it didn't install right. Uninstall, reinstall, test. Find out it didn't install right.

    Have a minor psychotic episode.

    Give up. Offer your soul to the Old Ones. Play miraculously working-again game.

    Trouble is, my soul is done sold. Last time this happened, it took me two or three days, and a dozen uninstall/reinstalls to get the 186.18 driverset working correctly. It's a total crap shoot.

    I swear, Nvidia has gone straight to hell the last couple years. Back in the Detonator days, their drivers were rock solid and almost never had an install crap out.