Saturday, April 17, 2010

Time Off

My Fallout 3 install decided to spontaneously manifest the stuttering bug again tonight.

I can play for about ten minutes, before the framerate drop to 3 to 5.

I've had this problem once before, and new video drivers fixed it.

I've completely uninstalled and reinstalled my driverset twice now, and it's still happening.

No other game I've ever played does this. It's a Fallout 3 thing only. Even Oblivion doesn't do it.

I'm not in the fucking mood to fight with it anymore.

Not going to mod, either, since I can't test changes.

So consider this another hiatus, until and unless I get bored enough to spend eight hours fixing it just so it can break again in six months.

Shame the devs couldn't be bothered to do anything that didn't involve selling DLC.

Considering this will probably end up requiring a total uninstall and reinstall of the game, it may be awhile.

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