Sunday, April 11, 2010

NosCo Vault 1 Remodel, v2 Upcoming...

We here at NosCo are not being idle with our time.

Despite the unbridled success of our first attempt at remodel, we have not allowed our engineers to take a vacation.

Bastards are overpaid anyway.

While our efforts still underway are not suitably advanced for full photographic documentation, the NosCo publicity division has nonetheless decreed that we release two teasers.

You will notice an ominous and mysterious new door where the bed and My First Laboratory once resided.

Where does it lead? When will you find out?!

...Oh, wait. Second photo here...

Deep in the strata of the DC area, talented (but still overpaid.) NosCo engineers have cut into the rock, below the water table, to give you a new, more private bedroom, surrounded on three sides by NosCo brand armored glass windows, looking out into the aquifer that feeds Vault 1's considerable clean water supply.

Thus far, the building's skeleton and walls are in place, as is the glass. Still to be laid is permanent lighting, amenities, and lighting to be inserted into the rock walls, to give you a beautiful view for your bedroom.

The room is fully navmeshed and companion friendly already, room bounds and portals in place (and man were those a pain in the ass to set up...). Rocky terrain and water outside the glass is some 40% complete.

Once that's done, we'll move on to revamping the bathroom to include jacuzzis, and better showering facilities.

Water type inside the vault pool has also been switched to a new custom type, with different noise textures and color.

At some point also on the corporate to-do list is ripping out the jail, and replacing it with a hot-spring of some sort. We're still working on the details of that one.

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