Sunday, April 11, 2010

Nos RR Companions, Screenshot

Took this for upload to the file entry, but figured I may as well share here, too, since I have no idea how many of you have my companions pack tracked.

Nothing overly major.

Engel, Kate, and Maeva rocking the Dragonskin combat outfits, in Old Olney.

Taken mainly to show the girls off as of v1.8.

Had Kate along to test out her AI settings, which have her flee from particularly scary situations.

Interestingly enough, she behaves much like one would expect.

When we first encountered Raiders, she fled in record time. Was dressed in the Merc Outfit, had no stims.

Gave her a mess of stims, and some real armor, and she's much less likely to flee.

Seems backing down from combat is largely dependent on health, for the AI. Since the companions auto-heal with stims, they tend to hang in the fight much longer.

Maeva continues to be downright fucking scary; cutting down deathclaws and wiping out groups of raiders single handed.

Engel has taken a shine to overbore handguns, and has made a hobby of capping raiders with a 500 S&W magnum.

Interestingly, I'm noticing severe companion problems with Arwen's 'Smarter AI' active. The companions hesitate, rather than engage. I'm not entirely sure what's going on with it. Arwen messed with a bunch of game settings I'm not familiar enough with to pin down which is causing the problem.

It's not a combat style issue, since I tested by switching one companion over to a default follower style (modified by Arwen) while the other used one of my custom styles. Both exhibited the same hesitation, so I can only surmise the problem lies elsewhere.

I'm going to have to PM her about it. I get the feeling she isn't a companion user.

'Till I get it sorted, though, I'm going to have to recommend not using her AI module and the RR Companions Vault together. The other nine modules work fine, though.

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