Wednesday, April 14, 2010

NosCo Vault 1 Remodel, v2 Upcoming, Part IV

Just finished some testing.

The Jacuzzi, Royalty-sized bathing tub, and sauna all work.

The strip-scripts work, although my proclamation that the girls do not re-equip weapons was apparently a teensy bit premature...

Damned psychopathic redheads.


The jacuzzi and tub are tiled, and have furniture installed. The jacuzzi has its visual FX (bubbles, steam, etc) in place, although the bubbles do need to be fine tuned for height, yet.

And you'll be happy to know, Auld Grump, that I took your request to heart - I was just in that kind of mood - and wrote up a suitable script that will affect your condition while using any of the three.

However, I did not copy the one from Minihideout, and have instead used one of my own devising (insert ominous bolt of lighting here).

I call it the Revitalizer. It not only lowers your rad count, but also soothes those achy adventuring muscles, repairing not only your health, but limb condition as well.

Because hey, when I decide to be unrealistic, I go for the fucking gold.

Got the wave texture put into the water, too, and it seems to work fine. Managed to use one from the base game, so no extra download will be required.

I even installed another star dome in the bathroom. Why? Because I love those things, and since I learned how to pull it off, putting one in is a ten minute job. Just something that seems nice about relaxing in a hot bath with a hotter woman, looking up at the stars...

Very nice.

Also got the containers put in. Not as nice as I'd have liked, but it came out alright.

Still to do:

Finish tiling the floors, install lighting fixtures, plot where to put that exit hatch, install some more speakers slaved to the Jukebox, add the rest of the furniture to the bedroom proper, and set up the water reflections.

Can't give a solid estimate on release, but it shouldn't be too awful much longer.

If you've got a place in mind that you think would be perfect for that access hatch, by all means speak up. Bear in mind I want it to be ESE of Vault 1's Springvale entrance.

Screenshots will be coming along when things are closer to their final look. It's rather like a house in mid-remodel, at the moment. Not terribly photogenic and all that.


  1. Sounds great! :)

    The Auld Grump, sleep typing his way back through the archives....

  2. Looks great.

    Got the bar installed, the last light switch scripted, and lowered all the sconces (the flames were licking the ceiling and walls in spots).

    Strip-script is giving me some trouble, but I'm not sure if that's the script or my computer.

    It worked fine before the driver crash, but now doesn't. Since the script(s) are set to fire on a frame-by-frame basis, I'm wondering if my gimped driverset isn't causing the game to skip frames, and thus not run all the commands properly.