Thursday, April 22, 2010


Looks like posting is probably going to be sliding more to the light side again for the time being.

I've had that mod review list organizing itself in my head for weeks now, v2 of the NosCo Vault 1 remodel is done, save for some furniture and clutter around the bed itself, v1.8 of the companions pack is only a couple dialog issues away from release, and I still have to send Arwen another PM and heavily insult her modding skills (found out what was killing the companions, and it wasn't random game settings...).

But y'know, I'm just not feeling it right now.

My interest in playing FO3 - even for testing - is somewhere below zero, I don't want to look at the GECK, and the Nexus bores me.

May have gotten gun-shy, after the game randomly quit working. Why spend hundreds of hours working on a mod that you may not even be able to play, tomorrow?

I'm sure I'll come through it. I always do.

Would help if I could sleep, though.

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