Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Herculine's RR Scouts

Okay, I know I don't post about other peoples' mods often - other than of course to bitch about something - but I had to bring this one to everyone's attention.

It seems Herculine (who is already one of the most ardent supporters of the NosCo Modding Division, for some reason) has decided to go completely and totally overboard, and release a package of a hundred and thirty fully functional RR companions.

Excuse me a moment, while I wave goodbye to my title.

Seriously though, this is a massive undertaking, and judging from the screenshots, has been pulled off quite impressively.

Do yourself a favor, and go check it out.


  1. WHEW.... maybe now I can take a break and actually PLAY the game for a while...

    ...or I could do a little revising of my Shojo companions...

    Nos, thank you for all your help, advice and support!

  2. That's the main problem right there with getting comfortable with modding. There's always something else to tweak, some other idea to try...

    You look up after awhile and can't remember the last time you played the game; rather than just firing it up to test something.

    Don't worry about the help. I'd say it was well worth my time and trouble. This puts you up to what? 144 companions for FO3?

    Impressive collection, in anyone's book.

  3. One hundred THIRTY! Good gravy!
    Most impressive.

    The Auld Grump

  4. Okay. Just finished uploading v1.1 with all eyes glowing that are supposed to. My apologies to anyone who has to re-DL and my thanks to Nos for again showing me the way.

  5. In an effort to help bring new residents to Vault 1, I am in the process of uploading the RR Scouts to other FO3 websites and adding the links to the FO3Nexus file entry. It's my hope that the added exposure will help make the RR Companion Vault the ONLY companion system players will ever want. Am I crazy? Obsessed? Perhaps... but hey, I lost my job a month ago... I got nothin' better to do!

  6. I know the unemployment feeling - how do you think I can manage to log all the hours I do on this stuff?

    If you really want to become a shameless promoter of the mod, I'm sure it will benefit, but don't feel obligated.

    ttomwv used to post updates over on Fileplanet, I think it was; but I've never bothered. I have around a dozen files to keep up with comments on as it is around the Nexus, so I didn't feel like adding other sites to the fold.

    I appreciate the effort, though.

  7. I know how it feels to get so stuck on modding a game that I don't get a chance to finish it through one time; I did that when I was modding NWN2. When I moved to Dragon Age: Origins, I told myself that I would finish it at least once before starting to mod it; that lasted about 2 days and I finished the game with a character whose class I designed and wrote myself. I'm trying not get too into modding with Fallout 3 before I finish it one time through.

  8. I actually played FO3 all the way through twice before installing a single mod.

    Once as my usual Agent of Darkness self, and once as a Goody-Goody type.

    Amazingly few differences between the two life choices in the game.

    It mostly sucked both times, too. Can't say as I have any particular designs on touching the game in its unmodded form, anymore.