Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Sweet mother of all that's fucking unholy, these people get dumber on a regular basis.

I finally get some damned sleep last night. Wake up this morning to check file comments... and what am I greeted by?

Someone asking if Refurbished is compatible with the RR Companions Vault.

This is one of those times when the stupidity just shuts my brain down. I find myself unable to form a thought, when I ponder too hard the reduced level of mental acuity required, to not know...

There, it did it again!

You can't run Refurb without the master. No way. Game will crash on loading. How in the hell could they not be compatible?!

Not to mention that I have Refurb listed in the plugins section of the readme, and Fry has the master listed as a required file.

Gods. You know it's summer time when you start getting moronic comments from pre-teens.

My head hurts now. I'm going to go do something else.

Edit: just checked the Nobel laureate's account info. It says 23 years old. Either he's a liar, or they really didn't outlaw lead paint like I thought they did.


  1. Matt:

    Oh, BELIEVE me, there are some DUMB 23-year-olds! Most don't know where to find our country on a globe or that Alaska and Hawaii are parts of it, but they damn sure can text and twitter!

    Hell, my own GF and I just recently had a huge argument as I tried to explain to her why I say to NEVER EVER clean the television or computer screens with Pledge!

    Sometimes I just think they have us surrounded...

  2. The pledge thing I'm usually willing to cut slack on.

    Most people don't get that the whole 'opposites attract' thing does not, in fact, reference romantic relationships.

    Although for the record I'm with you - I keep a can of anti-static electronics dusting wipes on hand for such things as televisions and computer monitors.

  3. Yeah, now I'm starting to know just how you feel. I just read this comment in one of my FO3 mods:

    "um I found Aria, but theres a huge see through red box with an exclamation point on her. Not sure if its gonna be the same with all of them, ill look, but just wondering if its a glitch or something. I did edit it to make it so I could kill the npcs in this mod and the RRcompanion vault ones, but I dont think thats what did it."

    The last sentence of course is my favorite. Gee, I altered your mod and now I can't figure out why it's broken. Where do these people come from Matt?

  4. Saw that. Barely resisted the urge to mock him in a reply comment.

    I'd say they come from hell... but I think that would give actual demons and/or devils a bad name.

    My money says he didn't install a resource correctly. Likely doesn't have Ling's.

    Yes, I know you clearly state its required. No, that doesn't stop them from not installing it first.