Sunday, June 27, 2010

The Pitt

Okay, so I'm frustrated with the GECK, decide to venture into the Pitt.

Less than twenty minutes, and I've already been blocked from my companions following three times, and had all my equipment taken away twice.

This bullshit is supposed to be fun?

I'd also like to know why Bethsoft hates followers so much. Every DLC seems to bar them from following first thing.

Come to think of it, OA, the Pitt, and MZ all take away all your items, as well...

I'm seeing a pattern here.

Will someone remind me why you're all getting excited over New Vegas?

Also: that scene where you enter downtown after killing your way through the guards? Total bullshit.

Let me see: I have an automatic shotgun and ballistic armor, and you four have sticks and glorified gimp outfits. Oh, sure, I may end up bruised... but I'm not going home in pieces like the rest of you...

Which isn't counting the three women who should have come through the door behind me with automatic weapons.

...Where'd I leave that DoW disc...?


  1. Yup. The DLC's were the main reasons I gave every single one of my companions some form of personalized recall device in their starting inventories. And the fact that the DLCs love to take all your equipment thus gave birth to the RR Scouts DLC add-on. Trust me, you're not the only one irritated by that, and it's why I originally considered trying to come up with something similar to an Oblivion companion recall spell. Sure, spells don't fit in the FO3 world, but maybe it could be given to the player in the form of a perk or something. It could be called the Loyalty Perk or something.

    And for the record, I'm not exactly drooling over the Vegas thing, but I just hate feeling left out all the time. It'll probably be a year or two before I can buy it anyway.

  2. I would agree with you about keeping the item in their starting inventory... but when the NPCs are barred from following you through the door?

    Makes it kind of hard to get to their inventory to re-get the item...

    My solution to fuck over the devs in Shivering Isles was to just create a couple copies of the pertinent companions and leave them in there instead of trying to pull them back and forth.

    Unfortunately, with all the equipment stealing going on in FO3, that isn't as viable.

    I'm thinking I'm going to have to be a total bastard and write in a new quest script that monitors my inventory real-time and re-adds the recall items anytime they're forcibly removed.

    Let's see their scripts overcome that...

  3. Although I still maintain that four trained killers with automatic weapons trump four thugs with sticks every time.