Saturday, June 26, 2010

NosCo Vault 1 Remodel, Upcoming

I have to confess, I have not been modding hardly at all lately. Answering stupid questions for people too lazy to RTFM puts me right the fuck out of the mood; and this has certainly been a week of the moron on the Nexus. I still blame summer, letting the kiddies out of their prisons to bug the holy living shit out of the rest of us all day.

Still say if the government wants to do something useful for once, they'll quit trying to bankrupt McDonalds and instead just start putting Ritalin in school lunches.

That or strychnine, whichever.


Bored out of my damned skull this morning, and we all know what happens when Nos gets bored.

The GECK got fired up.

Working on the Remodel again. Specifically, the other side of that door in the Player's bedroom tunnel, that seems to be taunting some of you most mercilessly.

I've selected a location - the building next to the 'Flooded Metro' map marker, straight across the river from the Anchorage memorial.

The initial cell is complete. Originally, I was going to cop out; I used Tenpenny's lobby as a base, and was simply going to redecorate the rooms and change out the doors to lead where I wanted them to.

Now... I'm thinking something a bit more grand. I'm going to try moving the doors to the second level, walling the ground floor up, and filling it in as a pool. Add some water spouts, and it should be mighty purdy; as well as keeping with my marble-and-water design theme thus far.

Not much at the moment to show in the way of screens. Right now, the new cell is simply Tenpenny's lobby, with different lighting, the stairways stripped out, and all the furniture removed.

Eventually, the new cell will come with a cadre of (non-recruitable) NosCo guards, some amenities, and possibly a door to a higher level that has some apartments in it. Not sure on that one, just yet.

But, as I said, the doors are in place and teleport markers set up. North marker and COC marker placed. So it's at least usable now; if uncluttered.


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  2. Sorry about that. When I type in a hurry my spelling is horrendous and the thought of people thinking I can't spell is for some reason intolerable to me.

    So... what will this new location be called? It's not a Vault, so Vault 2 is out of the question. How about NosCo Tower? Has a nice ring to it, don'tcha think?

  3. The working title of the cell at the moment is "NosCo Apartments Lobby"

    Unfortunately, there Nos' Tower that I still haven't decided whether I want to pursue or not.

    I'll admit, I'm damned tempted to re-route that little tunnel out to the tower's location, so that you can go outside on the upper level. The view is mighty nice with Fellout installed.

    Nice thing about it, is I haven't tampered with the navmesh at the flooded metro yet. I put in the exterior door, but the metro's entry triangle is so close that I didn't feel the need to re-finalize the navmesh for testing purposes alone. So alls I have to do is delete that thar door, and the area wouldn't be modified after all.

    Of course, that would also nix my intention to make the outpost of Vault 1 accessible from the wasteland...

    Style of practicality? Ever the question...

  4. There IS A Nos' Tower.

    You're not the only one apparently not paying enough attention to the damned keyboard today...

  5. Ugh. Style OR practicality...

    ...You know what? I'm going to quit while I'm fucking ahead here and go do something else for a while...

  6. Have I ever been to Nos' Tower?

  7. I don't know.

    Do you possess extra sensory perception and/or the ability to leave your body to visit other planes of existence?

    If not, I doubt it.

    Never uploaded the mod - never even finished the interior. Did the exterior, and tabled the project because I realized that pursuing it would mean integrating the companion system into the mod - because I'm not going to leave my girls living in some other house mod - which would mean my almost total abandonment of the RR Companions Vault. Since I didn't want to do that and leave the newly arrived NeilUK02 the companion creator out on his ass, I decided not to create my dream home after all, and instead opted to attempt to remodel the vault into something that didn't suck as far as my aesthetic sensibilities were concerned.

    As time passed, more of you guys showed up to create and share companions, and the more of you that showed up, the less comfortable I was with ripping the companion system out of the vault and starting over in a less cliched manner.

  8. And thank you for that. As you may have guessed, I love creating companions. When I get the Doom mapping out of my system a bit, I plan to come back and make some more. Perhaps I'll try to exercise a little self-control next time... :D

  9. Eh. Self control is boring.

    If you're going to do something, I say do it in such a way that makes people go "What, are you nuts or something?"

  10. You know I remember you talking of Nos' Tower and always do hope you make it as would love to see more of it. Looks like a great view.

    Yeah not much to say after a ten hour day at work....going to eat then sleep.

    Take care Matt and Herculine

  11. You guys may get your wish.

    That damned wasteland rubble office building next to the flooded metro isn't cooperating. The door that fits won't show, and the door that show looks like absolute shit.

    I may have to reorient the tunnel a tish and go for the tower in the river.

    Also somewhat considering moving the tower to land, on that spot next to Dukov's (to give wasteland access direct); but am not sure whether the tower I set up will fit.

    Someone remind me why I like this game, again?