Sunday, June 20, 2010


You may not think it, what with my love of games involving making mutant heads go pop!, but I'm actually a JRPG player, as well.

Final Fantasy, specifically - although I was seriously into Phantasy Star IV back in the day.

Alys was so friggin' hot...



But lately only the FF's. Own VII through XII (not counting the online-only XI), but haven't actually gotten around to playing XII yet. Blame FO3 and my modding, since getting into an RPG takes me away from the PC for the better part of a week, which I haven't been willing to do here lately.

Was reading around 4Chan while my dinner nuked (and if you don't know what 4Chan is? Drop to your knees and thank whatever deity you follow. Seriously. Do Not Google it. You will be sorry.) and happened across an FFXIII thread of a... 'shoujo' nature? Full-on Yuri in spots.

The general consensus seemed to paint it in a particular light. Something about three cute lesbians hurting people and breaking things in the cause of saving the world...

Great. Now I've got to buy a fucking PS3...

(Disgusting pervert mode off! Surly, ranting modder mode re-engaged!)

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