Sunday, June 27, 2010

Insert Incoherent Muttering Here

I've about had it with the Pitt already.

Quest stages aren't advancing correctly, NPC dialog refuses to end and begin on cue.

Had the first huge problem during Ashur's speech. Audio finished, and it just sat there. Square locked off by collision planes, half my controls locked. Just sits.

The "solution" to this problem is to reload the game and "try again". I did. Six fucking times. Never would go through. So I forced it via console setstage command. This updated the map marker, but neglected to remove the collision planes, and left my controls locked.

And the added bonus that one of the reloads caused a stack overflow, with its attendant BSoD and forced restart of the computer; windows bitching in my general direction about an unexpected shutdown, and so on.

Get forward a bit more past the Imperial Arena with radioactive waste... excuse me, I mean "the hole" (because they totally didn't use the same announcer or anything!). Get to Haven.

Ashur's conversation again won't end with his lackey. They just stand there.

Force the conversation to move on. We chat a bit, the intercom interrupts, Ashur says nothing more to me, and slides out of the room, clips through the wall, and is gone. No quest objective. No marker.

Leave the cell, re-enter, Ashur is at his desk again. Force conversation again, he says something about finding Werhner. Again, no marker, no active quest entry.

Check stage on the quest. It says 200. I save and exit, look in the GECK, and quest 02 doesn't have a stage 200...

About the only thing that is keeping me from uninstalling the game and pulling a vanishing act from the Nexus and the blog here is that my girls continue to perform above and beyond any other NPCs in the game.

Google and the forums both continue to be useless; turning in results that have absolutely nothing to do with what I searched for.

I've had similar problems already because of Broken Steel. It screwed the GNR quest up somethin' fierce. Dialog with those worthless brotherhood twits refused to advance on its own; ended up having to just go kill the super mutants my damned self to get them moving again.

Unfortunately, not an option in the Pitt.

I will also note, that whatever writer they hired for the Pitt should be fucking ashamed of themselves. This is the great adventure full of "moral ambiguity"? It's zombies on all fours and people with the plague. *yawn*

I've read creepypasta with more compelling storylines.


  1. I had the same problem with Ashur, but I had assumed it was due to my timescale being set to real-time since the quest finally progressed once I had gone back to an earlier stage and set it to the default, and since I do know that some quests rely upon timescale triggers. But after hearing your explanation it reminds me of exactly why I do in fact wait a year or two to get these games rather than camping out at Wal Mart the night before the release date just so I can pay top-dollar for half-assed crap.

    And the writers/creators could indeed be more original. Does every Bethesda game have an arena? Well, at least I didn't have to start the game from prison like the last two of theirs that I played...

    And this is why, as I create my companions and draw up my Doom maps I have to ask myself: where exactly was I when they were hiring people to do this crap? I could do a better job with one hand tied behind my back while watching the tube with one eye. Oh, that's right... I don't have a degree...

  2. Timescale...

    TIMESCALE? Why didn't I think of that. There's at least one quest in every one of these damned game that requires time to be passing at 4675x normal. Guess they couldn't use a normal timer like the rest of us.

    I occasionally lament not having such a degree. Then I look at the unmitigated shit that is put out by "professionals" and I think I'm glad I don't have one. I don't want to be guilty by association.

  3. Nope. Timescale set back to default doesn't help.

    You know, I wish if they were going to set quests up to rely heavily on pointless dialog, they'd at least learn to write in the triggers correctly.

    Excuse me while I wave goodbye to my 67-hour savegames, since none are left prior to entering the Pitt, and you can't leave until it's over without breaking a bunch of stuff in the capital wasteland.

  4. That truly sucks. If you want to lead an assault on the Bethesda offices I'm with you... you just might need to take a few minutes to teach me how to operate a firearm that's not in a video game...

  5. On second thought, maybe it would be safer for my allies if I just stay here and handle the PR...

  6. Heh... I appreciate the thought, but I try never to engage in anything that can be legally considered conspiracy.

    But yeah, you might need a pointer or two and a day on the range. I swear, one of the funniest things you'll ever see is someone who's never fired a gun outside a video game, when they come in and rent one...

    ...As long as you're y'know... on the other side of the ballistic glass and whatnot...