Friday, June 18, 2010

Nos' Companions, Tracking Plug-Ins, Part II

Making progress.

Have five test 'plugins' made up, and all seem to be working, save one annoying caveat.

The Emergency Reset, Tracking On/Off, and 'Call' functions all work...

Except that there appears to be a slight difference in how the StartConversation function actually works, and how it's often perceived to work. That being: it does not appear to work on NPCs in another cell, even with an accompanying Enable command.

For those of you unversed in scripting, that means your calls go unanswered if the companion in question isn't in the same cell as you.

I can still try doing it via package. A good old fashioned 'Find Player' package backed by an Enable command always seems to get them moving.

I swear, it'd be nice if something in this damned game obeyed its own rules for once, though. Granted, the exercise in alternate paths to one's goals are useful and sometimes even amusing from a purely "wow, isn't this pathetic" standpoint, but having to constantly come up with six ways of doing every idea gets old...


  1. This is sounding good so far. Unfortunately I'm one of those "unversed in scripting" people so I can't offer much help. All I can do is offer my continued moral support by shaking my pom-poms and jumping around while cheering: "Go Matt go! Matt, Matt, he's our man! If he can't do it, nobody can!" I'll be here with my pom-poms whenever you need me.

  2. There's a digital you, you know. A digital you who resides in my vault.

    Please do not conjure images like cheerleader outfits in my head in such a situation.


    And on a less ZOMGCREEPYGUY note:

    The call thing still isn't working, even as a package. Annoying, to say the least. But I re-equipped the item, and sent the teleport command, and she appeared on cue... so at least I know the script is still firing; the game just isn't wanting to move NPCs in another cell for some reason.

    Which is odd. I've used 'Find' packages targeting the player before and those have worked fine. This time I tried a Dialog package, and it doesn't.

    Think I'll have to try the find bit again, and see if it's more cooperative...