Sunday, June 13, 2010


So, so very tired of dealing with fucking chickenshits.

RR Companions Vault appears to have picked up thumbs-down #12 this morning, and like most of the others; the nay-sayer did not have the intestinal fortitude to post a comment or send a PM detailing what exactly was wrong with it.

I'm not going to flip out and go on a tirade. I know there are plenty of you out there who don't have your head lodged firmly up your own ass; that actually air concerns or gripes about a mod before voting down.

It just gets frustrating. This illustrates yet again my prime problem with modding 'for the public', as it were. For every one player who's constructive and helpful when they spot a problem or think there's a gap in the feature list, there are at least ten who can't mod; have no idea how to do what you as a modder do, but unequivocally know that everything would be better if you'd just do what they say.


  1. Yeah, it is discouraging at times, I know. I was just looking at the file entry for my RR Scouts. 814 downloads, 33 comments and 9 endorsements. The kicker is that at least a dozen of those comments are probably you and me. I don't expect endless adulation or anything, but at least a downloader could take the 30 seconds of their day to type "Gee Herc, nice mod and thanks for the several weeks of your life you spent making it for us." Granted, I'm guilty of not commenting on files sometimes myself, but usually only the biggies like FOMM for example. We all know it's good and a modding necessity, so my two cents are about worth that there. And if I'm going to give a thumbs up or down yeah I let the uploader or author know why. Otherwise, what was the point of stopping to give my input anyway? But we can't let the apathy of our downloaders get to us. While to a certain extent the mods I upload are for them, they are not why I do the work. I do it for ME, because I enjoy it and get satisfaction from knowing that I am capable of doing this stuff. Sharing with the rest of the community is just a perk of having a popular place like the Nexus to upload it to. Don't let the assholes get you down. You do the work you do because you like to do it, and there are plenty of us non-assholes out there who appreciate the time and effort you put into your mods. Sincerely. Personally, I can't imagine playing FO3 now without Vault 1 or its companions. Keep your chin up, soldier. The Good Fight needs you!

  2. As usual, I appreciate the thought and support... but honestly?

    Most of the modding I do isn't for me.

    When I do something "out there", it's usually for me. Like hack-sawing half the vault off into the void, and replacing it with marble and water and stars; creating seven foot redheads with glowing eyes; stripping off the V1 logo from armor and replacing it with the Calico Jack (insert bad joke about surrendering of booty here); plugins that remove residents from the vault or get rid of the automatic doors. That's the kind of stuff I do "for me".

    You don't want to know the horrible urges I have to restrain regarding the jail and training room.

    I'll confess removing the prisoner system WAS for me - just to get me some peace and quiet from people bugging me about when I was going to fix it.

    Most of the time, though, it's all for other people. Creating and upgrading companions I don't use, fixing bugs that don't affect my game in any way, spending hours on documentation that no one reads anyway. Answering comments that either involve pretty red diamonds, or are issues not even caused by my mod. That's most of what I do around these parts.

  3. Hey Matt (and the lovely Herculine who I have yet to really talk to)

    I am not really a modder and I am not even going to say I am one. Yeah I played with Geck but common sense is I am just poking in that system and not doing a thing so I am one of the few of your readers that is not a modder and knows it.

    As for why people rate things down...they are assholes in my view. It is not that hard to send you a comment asking for help or reading things to see if others have had the same problem and fix as more often then not it is just a lack of skill for them to read basic things.

    You could always just say fuck it and don't listen to them or just say read the read me files you make. You don't use long nor hard terms and if they can't understand something they could look it up but that could be being mean from my own stress in life.

    On a side note I was going to ask you if you could do something that is not really part of a companion system but not even sure if it could be done yet will bring it up on another time.

  4. David:

    Hello! Seems a good opportunity to introduce myself (assuming it's appropriate to do so here).

    I'm Herculine, Matt's newest groupie and unofficial captain (and solitary member, I'm afraid) of my self-conceived campaign to make RR Companion Vault the most popular companion mod for Fallout 3. I've launched this campaign by creating 144 companions for the system and uploading them to three different FO3 sites (so far). I also drop by the blog here from time to time to try to cheer up Mister Gloom and lend my moral support. That's it in a nutshell. Pretty lame, eh?

  5. Hey, that's Mister Gloom AND DOOM. Do not forget the doom. Gloom is no fun without the doom to look forward to.

    I'd join your popularity campaign, but I'm just not much on self-promotion. I prefer to just do what I can on the mods, and let the popularity fall where it will.

    Plus I'm, y'know, an asshole and all... Kind of hurts the PR campaigns when I call someone a genetic defective, I would think.

  6. Well, we all have some asshole-ness in us somewhere. And some gloom and doom, too. I wasn't always all sunshine and butterflies, but fortunately I've left my days of self-destructive depression in the past. Now I vent all my anger, aggression and hatred of the world on video game monsters. I've found it very therapeutic, and I get in far less trouble with the law this way too!

  7. Heh.

    You should've known me when I was eighteen, Herculine. This IS the new-and-improved less depressed me. But, that sort of thing's not allowed anymore.

  8. Oh, and David:

    Go ahead and make your inquiry/suggestion. I'm going to be messing with the master again soon-ish anyway.

    Can't promise it'll work and/or be viable, but I'll look into whatever it is.

  9. I am laughing as I read you two go back and forth but Matt what I was wondering if you could make some type of script that could be more or less a auto saver. Say set a time limit and once that timer hits the game would save to the latest it would help people if the game crashed ten or so mins for no reason on people.

    Like I said, don't know if it can be done or not but throwing it out in the air.

  10. It's technically possible, but not really viable.

    Last I heard, FOSE was required to do it (which I'm trying to keep out of the master if at all possible) and for some reason, a mod auto-saving is heavily frowned upon by the community.

    I'm not entirely sure why.

    Personally, I just make it a habit to save to a numbered slot before entering or exiting the vault...

    Wait, let's clarify something. Do you mean an auto-saver that only works around Vault 1, or one that saves every ten odd minutes throughout the entire game? If it's the latter, there's already a utility like that. Give me a minute to dig up a link...

    Cipsis' Automatic Save Manager or CASM. Can't vouch for how well it works, but it does everything you're after.

  11. Dianna (Herculine)June 14, 2010 at 3:21 PM

    Thanks for posting the link to that Nos... er, I mean Matt. I used something very similar with Oblivion and loved it, but it was part of an FPS optimizer mod. I haven't had the chance yet to see how well this one works, but still thanks!

  12. Call me whichever you prefer. I've been Nos in one form or another a long time now, and it's every bit as natural to me as Matt - scary as that is.

    Reason I post under my real name (or at least the short form thereof) is waaay back when my Google account was set up, this blog didn't exist, and I hadn't begun actually uploading files at the Nexus. Over time, the secondary "keep my main blog clean of video game crap" blog has eclipsed the other one to the point that I barely remember to post on it more than a couple times a month.

    Hope CASM works for you. It's not my kind of utility - I prefer managing my own saves - so I have no idea how well it does its thing. Cipcis is usually pretty good at what he does though, so it should work decently well.

  13. Back

    Yeah it works like I need to as I forget to save often even if I know my game will crash at times. The save parts make the game a tad bit slow but all in all it works like it says.

    Oh Matt,

    I still want you to post a blog post of the history of you and the gunsmithing. I remember the bloger would not let you post it as a reply as it was too long but a blog post should work if you are ever in the mood or just link me to your other blog.

  14. @David:

    Yeah, I plan to make that post. Shooty stuff actually goes on the other blog.

    I'm trying to get better about posting there again, and have a backlog of several decent sized posts (including the gunsmith bit, and my five year quest for the perfect general purpose rifle), but to be honest I'm still feeling like the walking dead here lately.

    Finally managed to get a little sleep last night and again this afternoon, so it's getting better.

    Best I can tell you is that when I do stop being completely lazy long enough to get that rambling mess written, I'll be sure and link it here on the modding blog, for you and Dennis if no one else.