Tuesday, June 29, 2010

The Pitt, Requiem

I got through.

It took something on the order of two dozen loads/reloads, removing every mod even somewhat related to the Pitt, and more than an hour in the GECK trying to puzzle out the quite frankly horrible layout and cues that run that damned quest, but it's over now.

In the end, I never did get the speech to advance. Nor would Ashur and the lackey stop talking at the desk correctly.

Managed to brute-force my way through with setstage and startconversation commands, and some of that wonderful luck that's part persistence... but mostly just an extra after-effect of having sold your soul.

Sided with Ashur, of course, because I am just not the protect the meek type. Sorry, but I believe in natural selection. Wehrner didn't do too well, either. He was headed towards me for what was presumably the cliched and ever annoying dramatic confrontation and conversation before the epic(!!!) final battle.

...Didn't go down like that. I cursed him for a fool for not even having a weapon out, and proceeded to open up on him with an M2HB heavy machinegun. What can I say? When I'm dealing with some hack writer's glorious dramatic end, I've found there is no such thing as overkill. Never know when they're going to give someone an unfair enchantment to make the battle MOAR EPICER!!!

On the whole, it was a repeat of my experience with Operation Anchorage - which I bought on the day it went gold. The characters were bland and not memorable or likable, the rewards weren't worth my playing time, and the story was thin and predictable; topped off by technical issues so horrific that I never want to play that damned DLC again.

I will say though that from the look of Wehrner's hideout, I do not believe he was planning to give the "cure" a long and happy life, and my being an evil bastard probably saved the kid from an unpleasant death - or an even less pleasant life.

I was especially disappointed by the combat. It was made out to be something more... interesting, but was in reality very small scale. The largest group of troggs I saw was three or four; and those could have been handled with ease by any number of weapons. Making my girls suffer through the black air and diseased people was completely unnecessary. The rebelling slaves came in ones and the occasional two. Again: autoloading shotgun > melee weapon. By far. I don't care if it is a glorified cement saw, you still lose to a round of buckshot in the throat.

So, we made it through. Back to Vault 1. I swear, we're going to dump the tac gear and spend the next three days in the sauna...


  1. If you enjoyed that, wait till you play Point Lookout... Green air so thick you could cut it with a machete and one of the most annoying quest story lines I've ever played. But there are parts with lots of idiots to shoot at at the swamp folk are amusing.

  2. Hey! Having grown up between the St. Francis and Mississippi rivers in south-east Missouri, them swamp folk'll prolly remind me of some of mah kin.