Wednesday, June 2, 2010

RR Companions Vault, v5.63, Released

Okay, v5.63 is up.


Update 5.63:

This update mainly centers around everyone's favorite wasteland super-merchant, Chloe. Bowing to fan request, and taking a nod from EARACHE42's work with Anthony Ling in his Finer Things mod, I've categorized Chloe's inventory.

When you ask to see her merchandise, you'll now be given another list of dialog options, to choose what you want to shop for.

Choices include:


Armor & Clothing

Chems & Meds


Power Armor


Special Weapons

The options should be self-explanatory; save for two - Misc and Special Weapons. Miscellaneous is the stuff that ends up on the misc tab of your inventory, mostly. Building components and junk. Special Weapons is the manifestation of Chloe's considerable contacts, and ruthless business practices. It contains pristine, high end weapons. Miniguns, Fat Mans, Laser Gatlings, Missile Launchers. Basically, it allows you to buy the top, non-unique weapons in the game. For a price. The enhanced availability is balanced by the fact that you'll pay double face value to acquire them, and will have to pay cash - no bartering.

The Enclave surplus items have been disabled for the time being. They may make a return later once I get the activation correlated with the Enclave patrols showing up in the wasteland... or I may just leave it out.

The prices you pay on the new categories will also vary from instance to instance. Sometimes higher, sometimes lower. These changes are random, and can not be affected by anything you say or do.

Chloe's caps management script still functions, and she will still have a nominal 25,000 caps to do business with.

Items you sell Chloe are put into a central container, and will appear to be bought-back on all inventory categories, until you leave and re-enter the cell; at which point that central container is cleared, and the items gone forever.

Beyond the merchant changes, there has been a north marker added to the Vault 1 cell, to keep your compass straight as you move between cells.

One of Chloe's guards - Nikola - will now repair your equipment. Unfortunately, the game engine refuses to cede to my desire to have her start out with a high repair skill, and instead seems to level Nikola's repair abilities as the player levels up.

Also, in the interest of people like myself who don't use fast travel, but still use companions, I've added a new map marker outside Megaton's main gate - which is named as such. This marker will allow you to fast travel from outside the gate to inside; completely bypassing the Megaton gate's constant problems with followers; while still not "cheating" and moving you more than a few steps past the gate.

Link to the file entry.

Me having been up twenty-five hours on one of sleep, and now going to bed.


  1. I like the new Chloe. Her attitude is just what I'd expect from her, and her new categorized barter menu makes trading with her a lot easier on my mouse. I also like having someone on hand that can repair stuff, though I'm more of a do-it-myself Lone Wanderer when it comes to that. As always, thank you Nos for continuing to work on my favorite companion mod!

  2. I was never big on repair NPCs, myself. But Sgt Ovakil requested, and as usual once I thought about it, he had a point.

    There probably are plenty of players who would rather put points into some other skill. Not really another option, since the only other one nearby is Moira, and she looks capped at about level 3.

    Personally, I'll stick to doing my own repairs. High repair skill lets me keep optimum weapon performance in the field, and it's handy for hastily repairing scavenged items in an emergency when you're half-way across the wastes and run dry on your preferred ammo.