Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Look! Companions!

Not sure I got the Mazken texture quite purple enough. The Devil texture seems to have turned out fine, though.


  1. If you ask my opinion (which you didn't but you're gettin' it anyway), I think the Mazken are a little bit more on the dark bluish side of purple. (But then, maybe that's just how they look on my rig?) But I like what you're doing there. A bright purple companion would be easy to keep track of in a battle, especially with pink hair!

  2. Part of the problem is for years I've had the HGEC skin texture installed for the Seducers. I'm not positive what the vanilla texture looks like anymore, and I was working from memory anyway.

    In retrospect, I should probably just open that texture too and color match them as best I can.

    Wasn't so much for easy-tracking purposes... I've just always liked the Mazken.

    Big, dominant, purple warrior women? There's no combination of that that doesn't rock.

  3. Indeed. The only thing better is big blonde golden-skinned warrior women.

  4. Heresy, I say!

    The Aureals could only be fun if you happened upon an epic tome that taught you the spell 'Remove Stick From Ass', and even then I bet it'd take master level casting to pull it off...

    Besides. Fair-skinned redheads are blatantly superior to both. :p

  5. Oh, sorry...

    It stands for: "Laugh Out Loud"... :D